Executive Director's Position Description
Overview of Responsibilities 
Primary Duties: 
Oversee day-to-day operations of association office 
Oversee association finances 
Represent association at local, regional, and national functions 
Lead, guide and support the Board of Directors/Standing Committees and Staff
Carry out policy/directives of the Board  
Ensure that the golf community (facilities, clubs, individual members, tournament players) and valued partners are provided with excellent service from staff and volunteers

Primarily Responsible for: 
Conducting Events, Championships, USGA Qualifiers, and other events. 
Securing host sites for Association and USGA Events, Qualifiers and Championships.
Rules of Golf Education - at the club and territory level. 
Course Rating & Handicap Education – for CR & Handicap Committee and member clubs. 
Handicapping and Tournament Management Support - for member clubs/individual members.
Development/Long Range Planning 
Primary Duties: 
Oversee day-to-day operations of association office: 
Office Organization - Identify and assign responsibilities to staff members. Revise titles and job descriptions as needed. Assure that the staff understands the requirements and responsibilities of their positions. Involve staff in periodic review and editing of job descriptions. 
Education & Training - Develop and conduct training where necessary and encourage personal development through continuing education classes.
Procedures - Assure appropriate procedures are established and followed in accomplishing the work at the OTGT office. Periodically review procedures to ensure they are efficient and effective. 
Personnel – Oversees employment advertising, employee selection and hiring, evaluation, promotion, separation, retirement, etc. Annually conduct employee evaluation interviews. 
Correspondence - Answer general correspondence or delegate as appropriate, providing copies to the President or responsible Committee chairman, when appropriate. Draft and prepare responses for the President or others, when appropriate.  

oversees Association Finances: 
Budget - Draft and present an annual Collective budget to the Executive Committee and Board for approval. Monitor income and control expenses throughout the year to meet or exceed the overall budget. 
Accounting - Ensure appropriate accounting procedures are established and carried out to accurately track the income and expenses of the Association; generate necessary financial reports and regularly provide to the Board to assist them in overseeing the financial stability of MVGA and Affiliated Associations.
Accounts - Monitor all checking, savings, investment, asset, inventory, depreciation, and expense accounts to assure they are properly managed. Monitor accounts payable and receivable to assure a positive cash flow position. Ensure staff is generating invoices on a timely basis, tracking delinquent accounts, taking necessary action regarding collections, and paying bills promptly. 
Salary Administration - Ensure that employees are paid properly, timely, and that appropriate payroll records are maintained. Verify that FICA, state and federal withholding, Medicare, and other payroll deductions are properly made. 
Taxes - Ensure that payroll, property, sales, city, state, federal, and retirement fund tax forms are submitted on time and that taxes are paid when due. 
Audit – Ensure that the MVGA books are reviewed as directed by the Board of Directors. 
Insurance - Monitor all MVGA insurance policies to assure appropriate coverage in the areas of association liability, property damage and loss. 
Reimbursements - Review all Board, staff, and Committee member requests for reimbursement of expenses incurred while conducting MVGA business. 
Represent the association at various meetings and functions: 
Locally - Represent the Association Staff, Board of Directors and Committees among member clubs, allied organizations, and in the community. 
Regionally/Nationally - Represent the Association regionally at meetings and nationally at annual meetings of the United States Golf Association (USGA), International Association of Golf Administrators (IAGA), Golf Industry Show, GHIN User's, and through service on various USGA Committees.
Advise/assist the Board of Directors and Standing Committees: 
Annual Meeting - Schedule/coordinate the Association Annual Meeting with assistance from Association staff and Board members.
Board Meetings - With the President, schedule meetings and establish agendas. Attend all Board and Executive Committee Meetings; present oral and written reports on Association activities and other important matters. 
Committee Meetings – Serve as ex-officio member of all Committees; attend meetings and provide input and guidance. 
Personnel Development:
Lead, guide, motivate, support and develop the Association staff. 
Meet individually with staff members (as needed) to touch base, advise, coach, and assist staff members with their duties. Provide feedback on performance, listen to their concerns, and address their needs. 
Hold team meetings periodically to build team rapport and develop an environment of trust and cooperation. Discuss policy changes, board directives, upcoming projects/events, and delegate responsibilities. 
Acknowledge and praise staff members frequently for their hard work and accomplishments. Recognize them privately and publicly. Find creative ways to reward them for a job well done.
Community Service: 
Ensure that Association customers (facilities, clubs, individual members, tournament players) and valued partners are treated with respect and receive excellent service from the Association staff and volunteers.
Ensure that staff members return phone calls and emails promptly. 
Constantly strive to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. 
Perform other duties as needed. 
Other Committees & Board Service: 
Rules Committee – Oversee the Tournament Staff/Committees administration of this committee. Serve as a Rules Official at Association Championships, USGA Qualifiers, USGA Championships and other events as needed. Maintain and improve Rules knowledge by regularly attending USGA/PGA Rules of Golf workshops. Assist with conducting Rules seminars for member clubs and individuals at the state and club level.
Tournament Committee – Oversee the Tournament Operations Manager’s administration of this committee. Assist with scheduling of staff and volunteers. Assist with preparing for and conducting events on site as needed. 
Site Location Committee – Assist as needed with securing host sites for Association and USGA Events, Qualifiers and Championships. 
Membership/Public Relations Committee – Oversee the administration of this committee. Assist with various member events as needed. Assist in determining email communication content. 
Nominating Committee – Work closely with Committee chair and assist with identifying potential Board members. Conduct elections. Report election results to the membership. Conduct new Board member orientation and assist with on-going Board training. 
Other Board/Committee Service – Dayton Golf Hall of Fame; Miami Valley Golf Foundation; Southern Ohio PGA Reach Foundation, Play Golf Ohio, IAGA Committees, Golf Museum of the Miami Valley; USGA Committees and other boards of directors and committees as appropriate/requested. 
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