considerations to help protect our Golfers
Managing your Golfers
  • ABOVE ALL - Be a port in the Storm as you are providing some sense of normalcy and a much needed break from the daily lifestyles this virus mandated - Inspirational Quote from Tennessee Section PGA President, Jim Vernon
  • Communications and Signage to help them understand your commitment to keep them safe and encourage them to take care and to think of others in their wake "Takes a Village" 
  • Consider golf bags/equipment remaining in the golfer’s possession at all times and not having staff member handling their golf equipment/bag. It should not be returned to the bag room.
  • Follow local restrictions for the size of your golf groups, but space carts out with six feet minimum buffers between. Consider boxed meals placed on the carts instead of gathering in the clubhouse; awards ceremonies and gathering of groups should follow local restrictions. If allowed, adhere to proper spacing.
  • In areas of higher outbreaks numbers consider taking the temperature of guests/members and staff using a remote temperature unit. (This has state and employee consent requirements.) 
  • All bathrooms wiped down and cleaned every few hours. Hand sanitizers available in every bathroom.
  • Walking should be encouraged.
  • Based on local situations, consider shutting down Locker room amenities  including steamers, spas, showers.
  • Based on Ohio Regulations, Fitness facilities should be closed.  
  • Based on Ohio Regulations,  Restaurants should be closed.
  • Consider shifting to box lunches or only providing wrapped/covered food.
  • Consider remote check in. Especially at Member Clubs. If remote check in is not possible, restrict the gathering place in the golf shop or Consider moving your Point of Sale outside to allow for greater safety
  • Consider not taking cash and share ways for golfers to settle their wages using Money Transfer Apps
  • Beverage cart operations should be single servings (no mixing) – Beverage cart drivers must wear gloves (as with all FB staff)
  • Golfers should be asked if they would like to be paired together, not forced to be paired together. Smaller groups other than foursomes should be allowed. Offer one cart per person, unless they share their living arrangement.
  • If utilizing water coolers/water dispensers clean multiple times per day. Consider offering chilled bottled water to replace on course water coolers/water dispensers in an open access environment.
  • Consider having cart attendants wear rubber gloves to attend to items and ensure that they don't go to their face area.
  • Golf and caddie staffs should be provided areas where social distancing can be accomplished.
  • Caddies need to wear gloves and should not touch grips.
  • Staff levels appropriate to facility activity. (i.e. fewer staff when possible to limit possible exposure).  Consider more self service
Golf Carts
  • Space golf cars in staging area (i.e. further apart to accommodate appropriate social distance of six feet or more). 
  • If possible allow one person to ride per cart or only those who self quarantine.
  • Consider removing Sand Fill Items
  • Consider removing coolers
Golf Course Set Up 
  • On the courses putting greens 
    • Add Swimming Noodles or PVC Pipe to the base of Flagsticks to prevent balls from falling deeply into the hole
    • Potentially remove flagsticks and provide  hole location sheets, 
    • or turning the cup liner upside down so flagsticks can be used as indicators and depth of hole is much shallower to allow for easy retrieval
    • Post signage and implement practices advising NOT to remove the flagstick; or cut a second cup within close proximity to the flagstick to allow the flagstick to be kept in place.
    • A “gimme” circle painted around the cups (2 feet) to allow golfers to pick up versus put their hand in the cup to retrieve their ball.
    • In an effort to avoid touch points on the golf course, flagstick cup liners can be elevated two to three inches above the surface of the putting green and players putt to the cup liner rather than allowing the ball to go into the hole thus eliminates the need to remove the flagstick.  Holed Putts are those that stick the raised cup liners and stay within a certain distance of the hole.Practice facility set up should be at every other spot and people may have to wait. Same with lessons. Instructors/coaches should tell their students that they will have a minimum of 10 feet of social distance or a private area for instruction (golf lessons should not be impacted as these are single transactions and adequate social spacing is easily provided).
  • Remove ball washers or Sanitize units multiple times per day.
  • Remove Sand Fill Items on Tees
  • Remove Rakes of Sanitize Units
  • Increased cleaning/sanitizing on course restroom facilities and provide self cleaning items 
  • On the practice tee, ensure adequate spacing between stations
  • On putting greens ensure adequate spacing for volume of golfers
For Golf Events

  • Consider events to take place over multiple days to allow for more contestants to play
  • If possible, avoid distribution of score cards and use mobile apps 
  • List results electronically forgo traditional scoreboards as they are areas of congregation.
  • Forgo shotgun events and space tee times out much wider to mitigate volume. 


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