Pickleball Or Golf?
- From the National Golf Foundation (NGF)
GolfvsPickleball- If you haven’t played pickleball yet, you’ve at least heard of it. Perhaps even heard it – that steady stream of 50-decibel “pops.” Pickleball’s been dubbed the loudest......… er, fastest-growing … sport in America. 

On a percentage basis, it is indeed on a rapid growth path (+18% CAGR since 2014), but a look volumetrically across the American sports landscape reveals a different kind of juggernaut.

The title of “largest-growing sport in America” belongs to golf. That’s if we use the more contemporary and comprehensive definition of golf, which comprises various forms of “grassless” participation where people swing clubs and hit balls at real and/or virtual targets. Using this definition, golf’s growth over the past eight years has topped pickleball by a whopping 4.5 million people. Half the states in this country have smaller populations.

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