Laying Up May Be Costing You

DECADE_Golf- A common strategic mistake for 2nd shots on Par 5s is the decision to lay-up to be in the fairway and/or to have a full wedge versus to advance the ball as close to the green as possible. This mistake is made by players of all skill levels and has enormous consequences on a player's scoring expectation. 

From 80s all the way to 100s golfers, a ball 30-yards in the rough is worth nearly 0.3 strokes more than a ball 80-yards in the fairway. 0.3 strokes is the equivalent of making a five-and-a-half foot putt simply through sound decision-making. 

There are sensible times to lay-up on Par 5s, such as to remove penalty hazards, but more often than not, players would do better to follow the heuristic of seeking the shortest next shot regardless if it's in the fairway or rough.
What the data tells us is brought to you by DECADE Golf and their COO, Alex Huang.
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