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- Rules Question 12-17-2022 - 

Hand_Marking_BallIn stroke play, a ball at rest on the putting green is marked by the player and then lifted to be cleaned. He puts that ball in his pocket, which is then mixed in with two other golf balls that he has in his pocket. He grabs a different ball from his pocket, replaces that ball back on the original spot and then holes that putt. Before the player tees off on the next hole, he realizes his mistake. What is the ruling?

A. The player is penalized two strokes because he has played a wrong ball and must correct that mistake before teeing off on the next hole or he will be disqualified.

B. The player has proceeded correctly and is not penalized.

C. The player is penalized two strokes for playing an incorrectly substituted ball and the hole is complete.

D. The player is disqualified for playing a wrong ball.

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