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Rules Question 12-10-2022

A player’s ball lies in a tire rut in the fairway, but the player is unsure if he will get relief for ground under repair. Without a member of the Committee present to make a ruling, the player decides to play two balls and request a ruling from the Committee in the scoring area after the round to see if that area was to be treated as ground under repair. The player does not announce which ball he wants to count and plays the ball from the tire rut first and then the ball dropped as if the area were to be treated as ground under repair. The player scores with both balls and records a 5 for the ball played from the tire rut and 7 for the ball dropped as if it were ground under repair. What is the player’s score for the hole if the Committee declares that area ground under repair?

A. 5

B. 6

C. 7

D. The player is disqualified.

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