The 100th Edition Begins Tomorrow
On_th_Eve- And before players arrive for their first round we wanted to share a few items. 

Linked is the Draft Notice to Competitors (Local Rules) for the Championship. 

A couple of items of note from the Notice to Competitors. 

  • The Local Rule for Stroke and Distance is NOT IN EFFECT.  Therefore, if you think you may have a ball that is lost or out of bounds it is wise to play a Provisional Ball. 
  • The One Ball Rule is also NOT IN EFFECT, however you still must finish the hole with the ball you teed off with, unless you substitute under an applicable rule. 
  • There is the potential for severe weather this evening and adjustments may occur due to how the course presents itself on Thursday Morning.

We will be cutting after Friday's Round to the low 32 and ties.

Tee Times will be redone after each round based on your cumulative score with the highest scores going out first.   Tee Times should be available by 7:30pm each evening and available at

When you arrive, THERE IS NO REGISTRATION, we ask that you are on the tee at least 5 minutes prior to your starting time.  

Practice Balls will be Set on the Practice Tee for your Warm Up.

If you choose to Ride, Carts are assigned in order of tee times behind the range tee.  Please leave the carts in position until you head over to 1st Tee. (PLEASE ENSURE TO BE ON THE FIRST TEE, IN PLENTY OF TIME, AS NO ONE WANT TO PENALIZE ANYONE FOR BEING LATE TO THE TEE)To be on the tee on time you must be ready to play and in position.

We intend on having scoring stations every three holes (Thanks to our Great Volunteers!and official scoring will be inside the clubhouse at the conclusion of play.  As soon as you complete your round please proceed directly to the scoring area.  The direct link to scoring is

We will provide Caddies an MVGA Bib on the 1st Tee and ask that all caddies wear them.  

There will be additional information added to the Metropolitan Website throughout the 99th Championship and everything can be viewed by visiting 

Also, don’t forget to enter the Metro Contest, the annual draft picking players who compete in the Championship.  (Draft Pool from Players Entered through Thursday (7/14). 

And if you like your Hole Locations ahead of time they are linked here and they will also be available at the first tee!

Best of Luck and we will see you Tomorrow!


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