Who Posted the Most Rounds

Willins-Gordon-CelebratingGordon Willins, a soon-to-be 76-year-old resident of West Chester, had an active golf season in which he played 232 rounds between March 15th and November 30th. To put it differently, he only missed posting scores on 29 out of the 260 available playing days. He began the season as a 4.0 handicap, reached his lowest index of 1.9 on June 25th, and finished the season with a 4.3 index. 

Throughout the season, Gordon played on 16 different courses, with the majority of his rounds taking place at the Heatherwoode Track. His lowest score of 65 occurred on July 29th, which, interestingly, was 10 strokes better than his age. Out of the 231 rounds he posted, an impressive 134 scores were 75 or better, indicating that 58% of his rounds either matched or surpassed his age. On the other end of the spectrum, his high score of 87 happened twice, once at Beckett Ridge and once at Triple Crown.

Moore-Gail-CelebratingAmong the top five individuals in terms of rounds played in the area were Mike Young with 201 rounds, Mike Walpole with 181, Rod Rusnak, and tying for fifth place with 175 rounds were Richard Lipowicz and Greg Taulbee. In total, 139 males played 100 rounds or more during the season. Red O’Rourke, last year's top finisher, took a lighter approach this year, posting only 109 rounds. 

On the women's side, 12 ladies played 100 rounds or more. Surpassing Penny Bitzer in terms of rounds played was Gail Moore from Kettering, who posted 209 rounds compared to Penny’s 191, making her the leader in rounds played. Gail achieved 64 rounds in the 70s and began the year with a 12.8 Handicap Index, gradually reducing it to her lowest index of 6.8 on September 7th, before finishing the year with a 10.0 Index.  The other ladies in the top five in rounds posted were Lori Foringer at 138, Deb Shartle at 135 and Jade Parsons with 128.

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