A Good Day's Walk
Pre_Photo- In the end, 15 out of our 16 hikers successfully completed all 100 holes in the inaugural Youth on Course 100 Hole Hike, benefiting our area's YOC program. This incredible hike took place this past Monday at Miami Valley Golf Club, and it was an event filled with remarkable highlights and achievements.

Among the more than 1,500 holes played, we had the privilege of witnessing two holes-in-one on Hole #17. Troy Lemke from Columbus and Cole Corder, a Wright State golfer, both achieved this remarkable feat, adding an extra layer of excitement to the day. Additionally, one of our hikers recorded an astonishing 73,120 steps and covered a distance of 28.9 miles, which is even longer than a marathon! These impressive statistics truly demonstrate the dedication and endurance of our participants.

The hikers kicked off their day at 7am, and on average, they completed their 100 holes in approximately 12 and a half hours. Their commitment and perseverance throughout the day were truly inspiring.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Miami Valley Golf Club for hosting this event and providing a beautiful setting for our hikers to challenge themselves. Their support was instrumental in making this event a success.

We also extend our sincere appreciation to all the hikers who participated in this hike and contributed to the YOC program. Thanks to your incredible efforts and the generosity of our supporters, we are delighted to share that early results indicate we were able to net approximately $10,000 to support the program. These funds will go a long way in providing access to life-changing opportunities for young people through golf.

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