Unparalleled Flexibility in Sorting by Location, Gender, and Age

New_Event_Listing- Thanks to our friends at Ohio Golf we are pleased to announce the release of our latest update to the Event Schedule Page, delivering unmatched flexibility and functionality across all different software’s. With this new iteration, golfers can seamlessly navigate through event listings based on location, gender, handicap, and age.

Key features of our enhanced Event Schedule Page include:

  • Location-Based Filtering: Users can now easily locate events in their desired cities or regions with just a few clicks.
  • Gender-Specific Filters: We understand the importance of inclusive event experiences. Our platform allows users to filter events based on gender preferences, ensuring everyone feels welcome and represented.
  • Age Restriction Filters: Whether you're a young adult seeking events suitable for your age group or a seasoned golfer looking for mature gatherings, our platform accommodates all age demographics.

Link to View the Schedule.

Link to Watch a Video Overview.

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