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Huang-Decade-Serving- DECADE Golf stands as the foremost authority in golf strategy and analytics. Conceived by Scott Fawcett, this groundbreaking program harnesses the power of mathematics and statistics to elevate anyone's course management. Its profound impact is evident in its widespread adoption, having been embraced by a multitude of PGA and LPGA tour professionals, including Will Zalatoris and Bryson DeChambeau. The DECADE community now boasts an impressive roster of over 8,000 professionals and amateurs across all ranges of talent.  DECADE is widely utilized within collegiate golf, including the reigning National Champion Florida Gators, and 12 out of the top 15 finishers in the 2022 PGA University class, turn to its insights for a competitive edge. 

This past month, Scott Fawcett named Miami Valley Golf Member, Alex Huang as his Chief Operating Officer. Alex has been an advocate for DECADE golf for several years and works with several local players, helping them understand the DECADE System so they can improve their game by harnessing the power of analytics to help them better their tournament preparedness. As he assumes his new role, Alex will also contribute a regular column to our Miami Valley Golf community which will be beneficial to all skill levels.  His first tip is below!


A common misconception among mid-high handicappers is that the secret to lower scores is to make more birdies. The reality is that a focus on avoiding bogeys is 

the best way to improve your scoring average.

Don't believe it?

A scratch player averages 2.2 birdies per round.

20-handicap players average 0.3 birdies per round.

A scratch player makes only 1.9 birdies more than a 20-handicap. The remaining 18.1 shot-differential comes from the scratch player's ability to avoid penalty shots, double-bogeys, and others.

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