Ken Herr

- Ken Herr has devoted much of his life to the game of golf. For a decade, he has served as a dedicated volunteer starter and scorer at the Miami Valley Golf Association, bringing joy and professionalism to the golfing community. But his contributions to the sport extend beyond the local level.

Over the last two years, Ken has been passionately involved in Golf Next and Madden Next initiatives, where he lends his consulting expertise to facilitate and focus on their development and execution. These initiatives aim to bring fresh perspectives and innovations to the golfing world, ensuring the game's sustainability and appeal to the next generation of players.

When he isn't busy with his consulting work or enjoying rounds of golf at Walnut Grove and other area courses, Ken uses his retirement as an opportunity to explore renowned resort areas like Bandon Dunes, Kiawah, and Palm Springs.


Golf has always been in Ken's blood, thanks to his parents, Mutt and Dorothy Herr, who were skilled amateurs in the Dayton area. With such strong golfing roots, it was only natural that Ken picked up a club at a young age. His journey into the world of golf began at the tender age of nine when he started junior golf at Wright Patterson Officers Club. He even worked as a caddy for his parents, earning a dollar and a hotdog for his services.

Despite playing golf for well over six decades, Ken never considered himself a champion player. Nevertheless, he cherishes the sport for the camaraderie it offers and the physical and mental well-being it provides. Golf has gifted him countless memories and lasting relationships that he treasures dearly.

Though retired, Ken's life remains rich and dynamic. Besides his golf-related endeavors, he continues to consult for various organizations, helping them with planning, executive coaching, and organization development.

As if that wasn't enough to keep him busy, Ken also manages a small farm in Beavercreek, raising cattle and processing firewood.

Beyond the golf course and his consulting work, Ken has a heart for philanthropy. He is the founding president of the Breast Wishes Foundation, a cause close to his heart. Despite his busy schedule, he continues to volunteer his time to support this organization, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by breast cancer.

Ken's love for sports extends beyond golf. He found himself deeply involved in the world of basketball, serving as the official scorer for Wright State Men's basketball for almost three decades.

Besides his sports-related activities, Ken enjoys indulging in other hobbies like traveling, woodworking, and reading. Ken and his wife Kathy just celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary. They have three daughters and three grandchildren.

Thank you for being an exceptional Miami Valley Golf Volunteer! 

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