Georgianne Koch

-i-c3p52P9-X3_-_Georgianne_KochGeorgianne has always been a lover of golf. Introduced to the game by her parents when she was just 9 years old, golf had been a constant presence in her life, a way to bond with her mother, and a game she could play as an individual. Over the years, Georgianne had become quite skilled at golf, winning numerous championships and awards, including the GCGA Women's Metropolitan Senior Division Champion in 2014 and the Women's Club Champion at Beckett Ridge CC four times. 

But golf was more than just a game for Georgianne; it was a way of life. After years of working in accounting, she had become what she refers to as a “Professional Volunteer”, dedicating her time to volunteering for various golf associations and tournaments. She is a rules official and course rater for the GCGA, a member of the Woman’s Western Golf Association board of directors, and co-head rules official for their amateur and junior tournaments. She also volunteered for the LPGA Futures Tour, the NCAA Women’s Regional Championships, and the State High School Championships at Ohio State University.

GKIn 2022, Georgianne's dedication and hard work paid off when she was asked to join the USGA National Committee as a Rules official. She was thrilled at the opportunity to work at USGA National tournaments and officiate at other college tournaments in the area. But Georgianne's most proud role was as the Greater Cincinnati Women's Golf Association Scholarship Foundation Chair. She had been in this role since 2015, awarding scholarships to local young women golfers who were going to college. She also served on the Terrace Park CC Green committee and the GCWGA Board.

Outside of golf, Georgianne loves tennis, music, and spending time with her two grown kids, Rae and Ash. Rae was a Fibers and Textiles artist, and Ash worked as an Educator at the Zekelman Holocaust Center. When the kids were still in school, they were involved in theater, and one of Georgianne's highlights was performing in musicals with them in an outdoor theater group in Blue Ash. One of the things Georgianne loves most about golf are the people. As a Rules official, she had traveled to new venues and met new people who became friends and colleagues. She enjoyed being a walking scorer in Annika's group at NCR and was excited to see what the future held. Georgianne is looking forward to meeting new friends and taking on new challenges. For her, golf is not just a game but a way of life, and she is proud to be a part of it.

Thanks for being a dedicated Miami Valley Golf Volunteer! 

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