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OHIO_USNDP_Color_Logo_Square_with_Logos- The Ohio Junior Series, a series of junior golf tournaments hosted across the state of Ohio by Amateur and Professional Golf Associations, will be used to select the inaugural Team Ohio in 2024. Junior golfers hoping to earn a spot on Team Ohio, will be able to earn points at 11 tournaments included in the Ohio Junior series and a number of others throughout the state and in national championships.

“We’re proud to align together and excited to share the Ohio Junior Series and Team Ohio details with juniors across the state,” noted the members of Ohio’s team committee who represent the amateur and professional associations in the state. “We’re excited to align behind the pillars of the U.S. National Development Program and to provide a pathway right here in Ohio for juniors to progress from our tournaments all the way to National Championships.”

The Ohio Junior Series schedule for 2024 is as follows:

  • April 20-21 | Miami Valley Jr. Championship (hosted by Southern Ohio PGA (SOPGA)/Miami Valley Golf Association (MVGA))

  • May 18-19 | NOPGA Jr. Series at Ashland (hosted by Northern Ohio PGA (NOPGA))

  • June 5 | US Junior Am Qualifier (hosted by Ohio Golf Association (OGA))

  • June 6 | US Girls Junior Qualifier (hosted by OGA)

  • June 11-13 | Ohio Jr. Championship - Boys (hosted by OGA)

  • June 17-18 | Columbus Jr. Championship (hosted by SOPGA)

  • June 24-25 | SOPGA Jr. PGA Championship (hosted by SOPGA)

  • June 24-25 | NOPGA Jr. PGA Championship (hosted by NOPGA)

  • July 8-9 | GCGA Jr. Met (hosted bye Greater Cincinnati Golf Association)

  • July 15-16 | Ohio Jr. Girls (hosted by WOSGA)

  • July 15-16 |NOPGA Jr. Series at Windmill (hosted by NOPGA)

Note: Registration for many of the events opened on March 1, 2024.

Event will be broken down into three point categories. Points are available for players competing in outside events like the OHSAA State Championship, AJGA and other national tournaments. For a full list of point eligible events, please click here.

In 2024, Team Ohio will have 16 players (8 boys/8 girls) as part of the initial team. The top-6 players in each gender will qualify for the team based results for the year-long points list while the committee will select four players (2 boys/2 girls) at the conclusion of the season. To be eligible for Team Ohio, players must have played in at least two (2) Ohio Junior Series tournaments.

To qualify for Team Ohio, a player must be a U.S. Citizen and a resident of the state of Ohio. Each eligible player must be 13 years old by Jan. 1, 2025, have not reached their 19th birthday by July 19, 2025, and must not be enrolled in college for the 2024-2025 school year. A Handicap Index® is also required. Boys must carry a Handicap Index® of 2.4 or better and girls must be 5.4 or better.

Players making the team can expect to receive team gear, an invitation to Team Ohio camps ran at elite facilities providing all-around instruction and support and mentorship from the Team Ohio Staff. Additional playing opportunities are being explored and looking to be added in the future for Team Ohio athletes.

All of the relevant information about Team Ohio can be found on a brand-new website, The website will serve as a central hub for all things related to Team Ohio and the Ohio Junior Series.

More information will be shared throughout the year via the website and the amateur and professional associations in the state

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