FTSG for the 1st Weekend of our Stay at Home Order
In These Uncertain Times, Here's What I Know Is Certain
  • That staying at home to ensure proper social distancing greatly reduces your chance of contracting the virus and it's an ORDER from our Governor through next Monday, April 6th.  My mom's 80th Birthday, Love you Mom!
  • That our doctors and nurses working in our Respiratory units and other area's in our  health care services, like my Sister in Law, Cheryl, are our newest group of super heros!
  • That a large percentage of us will contract the virus, like my future son in law, John, and flattening the curve reduces the burden of our health care services.
  • That each of our 113 District Health Agencies, which are not always broken out by county, have different priorities and resources, but are all are led by people who are trying to do the right thing and are to be commended for their tireless efforts!
  • That some of our golfers won't say home and strongly believe that playing a round of golf is a wonderful way to maintain one's mental and physical health.  And that the business of golf, IE, Tee Times, are essential for our golf community to ensure proper social distancing.
  • That the Ohio Department of Health determined Thursday and reconfirmed on Friday that the business of golf was non essential and shall cease operations and has shared that determination with most, if not all, of the 113 Health Agencies throughout the State and that each health agency is on their own to share and/or enforce that order with the Golf Courses in their District.
  • Some Health Districts have issued the closure order to our golf facilities and they have ceased their golf operations, and as of this writing, early on March 28th, some courses have not received any orders. 
  • For our golf courses that have not received the order from their Local Health District, they may still continue to operate given they are following the requirements, as they have not received the order.  This is due to the fact that they had confirmation from the Governors Press Secretary earlier in the week, that Golf was an Essential Outdoor Activity and could remain open as long as they are following the procedures laid out for Proper Social Distancing within the Governors Stay at Home Order.
  • That whatever you read, by the time you read it, will likely be wrong, as the fluidity of this situation is contently changing, although it's the weekend and it will likely slow down now until the work week begins.
In closing, most courses in our area have been directly ordered to ceased normal golf business operations.  Generally, turf maintenance and carry out food is still allowed to continue.  Courses that have not been informed will likely continue operating following all the Social Distancing requirements as they are following the last directive they received which was that Golf was an Essential Outdoor Activity until and unless they have been informed by their local health district!

I will stay on top of this situation the best I can and hopefully at the end of this two week period we will have greater clarity for our Golf Community!

Stay Safe and Be Well!
Steve Jurick, PGA       
Executive Director 
If a Tee Shot hits the Exposed Cup Liner ? 
Pool_Noodle_and_Ball_on_EdgeHad a wonderful email the other day from one of area's more active golfers.  He asked what constitutes a Hole in One?  He went on to say that he was playing the #7th Hole at CCN and his tee shot ran up to the hole, hit the exposed cup liner and ended up a short distance from the Hole.  Was that a Hole in One?  

The answer comes from the USGA's Position on  "a Score Most Likely Made".  Which is, if you have strong evidence to believe the ball would have ended up in the cup then it did for score posting purposes.  

Perhaps Golf Can have it's first "official"  *  for holes in ones recorded during this time?
what you can do golf related !
Attend an Online Certification Class
The Online Certification consists of four educational video segments, with each segment made available after the previous one has been viewed. 

After all segments have been completed an Open Book, 20 question quiz will take place with 16 or more correct answers needed to attain Certification. 

You can take this quiz as many times as you like to achieve certification.

To Take Start the Process

Vote on our Twitter Poll
Visit our World Handicap Resources Pages
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Watch Some of Our Video's on our YouTube Channel
Read a Golf Book 
Freddie_and_Me_Book_Image_UpdatedWhile Tripp will not be visiting us anytime soon, this is still a great book to read...

Ever wonder what it would be like to grow up at Augusta National Golf Club and be mentored from a very early age by the Legendary Freddie Bennett their caddie master? 

Purchase a copy of "Freddie & Me" from Tripp's webpage    
Nominate someone for the Dayton Golf Hall of Fame 
 Last_Class_of_the_Hall_of_FameThe Dayton Amateur Golf Hall of Fame began in 1978 when Vin Hilton, Bob Kepler, Bob Servis and Janet Shock Beardsley where the inaugural inductees.  In the almost 42 years since that first induction, there have been an additional 65 people added to it's roster. 

Nominations for the class of 2020 can be made either online or by downloading this PDF and sending it to the Dayton Golf Office.  Nominations are due by July 1.  

To view Past Inductees
When we do play again,  likely ADJUSTMENTS TO YOUR GOLF
Best_PracticesTo ensure social distancing and good hygiene standards are in place.  To protect not just you but others.  The open area golf facilities have likely taken many precautions among them are...
  • PVC_in_HoleAsking you not to remove flagsticks and placing foam or PVC inserts to prevent the ball from dropping to the bottom of the cup.  This will likely require a local rule for balls hitting the flagstick or reflecting off of the insert.  Other facilities are raising the cup liners to ensure deflection.  (Decision on Posting Scores From USGA - Yes)
  • Space out tee times integrals, adjust league or event schedules and forgo shotgun starts,
  • Close the clubhouses and stop or greatly restrict food and beverage services to ensure only carry out is possible.
  • Spread out check in areas and cart staging and in some cases move fee collections and registration outside. 
  • Require single rider carts except in cases of those who are isolating together.   (There is not enough cart inventory for this, so you may want to consider walking if at all possible.)  
  • Staffs may be wearing disposable gloves and mask.  This is more to keep them from touching their faces. 
  • Facilities may not accept cash payments to reduce touch points or require advanced check in and fee payments prior to arrival. 
  • If a private club, they may limit outside guest play, require you to handle your own clubs and forgo bag storage.
  • Items_You_Wont_See_2Facilities may remove bunker rakes, divot bottles and sand boxes, please replace your divots and smoothen the bunker after your shot with your foot or hand.
Ever Evolving Best Practices for Golfers
Please keep in mind that everyone is coming to terms with our new normal and it is ever evolving, so please be patient with operators, their staffs and each other so that we can all continue to enjoy this great game as we enter our new season!  
Anticipated Questions
Send Additional Questions to 
Q: If I don't hole out in the "Traditional Sense" do I still post my score ? 
A: Yes, While in all of these instances, the ball is not holed per the Rules of Golf (Rule 3.3c), a round played under these conditions will result in an acceptable score for handicap purposes using the most likely score guidelines (see Rule 3.3 of the Rules of Handicapping).   
Q: How can I post my score if the clubhouse is closed ?
A: Given the current concerns of spreading the Coronavirus, we are recommending that you use the USGA-GHIN Mobile App or post through our site or  This is also a good recommendation moving forward and we will likely begin phasing out our Scoring Kiosks wherever possible to avoid future contaminations. 
Q: I can't post a score as it says I'm inactive and I can't go into the Golf Shop to renew.
A: You can renew at almost all of our Public Access Facilities by following this link and selecting where you play the most golf 
Q: What is the status of MVGA, DDWGA and Masters Events  
A: At this time we have cancelled everything through the second week of April, and suspended event registrations as it is likely adjustments will be made with respect to field size and F & B to ensure good Social Distancing Measures are taken into account.
when to NOT post your scores 
March 15th signaled the start of the New Score Posting Season in the Miami Valley.  Here are a few things to remember when it comes to NOT posting your score.  All other times you should!

When_to_PostSo, don't post your score....
  • When your score can’t be verified by another person
  • While being coached on the course
  • When you play using non-conforming clubs, non-conforming balls, or non-conforming tees;
  • When you don't play the required number of holes, Less than 6 for 9, less than 14 for 18.  For the holes you haven’t played, you post net par for the hole.
  • And when you are not playing your own ball — scrambles, shambles or foursomes (alternate shot).

And remember...A key tenet of the World Handicap System is that it is based on the fact that a you will try to make the best score at every hole in every round. 

So you post just about everything and that includes scores when you play Preferred Lies or adapting to modified Holes due to the Coronavirus !

2020 Play More Golf Challenge
Play_More_in_2020 ChallengeBack by popular demand for the second season...The 2020 Season Challenge to post more rounds of golf during our active season than you did in 2019.    

The Grand Prize will be a $750 Gift Certificate to the Miami Valley Golf Shop of the winners choosing.   

The drawing will be held in early December.  Chances for wining the Grand Prize will increase based on the number of scores posted over their 2019 total.    

To be eligible you must have posted at least 5 rounds in 2019.   

To register or for more details 
USGA_Annual_Meeting_-_FacebookEver wonder what a USGA Annual Meeting is like? 

Here is their presentation on Facebook Live.  You hear a Presentation from Mike Davis and the relaunch of the US Open Brand. 

Click Here or On the Video to View  
About the Banner:  Let's Stamp this Coronavirus Out!
2020 Non Playing Events
Sat, Mar 14 - World Handicap Seminar - Sugar Valley - Cancelled
Wed, Apr 1 - DDWGA Club Rep Meeting -  Cancelled
Sun, Apr 5 - Tripp Bowden - Fredie and Me - Moraine CC - Cancelled
Mon, Apr 6 - Course Rating Calibration -  Suspended
Wed, Apr 8 - MVGA Trustee Meeting - Web Call
Wed, Apr 15 - Master Club Rep Meeting  - Cancelled
Wed, July 1st - Nominations Due for Dayton Hall of Fame  
2020 Tournament Season - Registration Suspended for Now
Mon, May 4 - Spring Better Ball - Sugar Valley GC - Info
Mon, May 11 - Masters Event - Walnut Grove CC - Info
Mon, May 18 - DDWGA Shamble - Urbana CC - Info
Tue, May 26 - Ohio Amateur Q - NCR CC - North Course - Info
Mon, June 8 - US Open Final - Springfield CC - Info
Mon, June 15 - DDWGA Twin BB - CCN - Info
Mon, June 22 - Masters Event - Piqua CC - Info
Thu, July 9 - USGA Women's Am Q - Walnut Grove CC
Mon, July 13 - USGA Men's Am Q - Moraine CC  
Thurs, July 23 - Sun, July 26 - Metropolitan - Piqua CC
Mon, Aug 10th - The Mercedes Benz Dealer Championship - Moraine CC 
Mon, Aug 17th - Masters Event - CC of the North 
Mon, Aug 31st - DDWGA Classic - Piqua CC 
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