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WHS Key Definitions
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Key Changes Plus Handicap %'s for Events
The lowest Handicap Index achieved by a player within the last 12 months.  More
A reduction or limit on the increase of a player’s Handicap Index over a rolling 12-month period, measured against the player’s Low Handicap Index within that period of time.  More
A procedure used to evaluate if course and/or weather conditions on the day of play deviate from normal playing conditions to the extent that they have a significant impact on players’ performance.  More
A score differential which is at least 7.0 strokes better than the player’s Handicap Index at the time the round was played (see Rule 5.9).  More

The maximum score for a hole for handicap purposes, which is the sum of: The Par of the hole, Any handicap strokes applied on that hole, and an additional two strokes. More

Net Par is the new term for Par Plus Stroke Index Allocation used when a hole is not played for posting purposes.
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