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Considerations to Keep you and Others Safer 
While much of normal everyday life is being altered during the COVID-19 pandemic, the one thing that everybody should still be able to enjoy is the game of golf.  Below are but a few modifications to our golf operations that facilities will likely adopt.   

Please keep in mind that everyone is coming to terms with our new normal.  Please be patient with operators, their staffs and each other so that we can all continue to enjoy this great game as we enter our new season!  

Facilities may likely...

  • Ask you NOT to remove flagsticks and place foam or PVC inserts to prevent the ball from dropping to the bottom of the cup.  This will likely require a local rule for balls hitting the flagstick or reflecting off of the insert.  Other facilities are raising the cup liners to ensure deflection.  (Decision on Posting Scores From USGA - Yes)
  • Space out tee times integrals, adjust league or event schedules and forgo shotgun starts.
  • Close the clubhouses and stop or greatly restrict food and beverage services. 
  • Spread out check in areas and cart staging and in some cases move fee collections and registration outside. 
  • Require single rider carts except in cases of those who are isolating together.   (There is not enough cart inventory for this, so you may want to consider walking if at all possible.)  
  • Staffs may be wearing disposable gloves.  This is more to keep them from touching their faces. 
  • Facilities may not accept cash payments to reduce touch points or require advanced check in and fee payments prior to arrival. 
  • Facilities may remove all bunker rakes (Please Smooth with your foot or club), divot bottles and sand boxes, please replace your divots as usual!
  • If a private club, limit outside guest play, require you to handle your own clubs and forgo bag storage.
  • Utilize video or Google Hangouts for lessons

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