FTSG for Easter Weekend 2020
MasterRewindWhile the Masters is slated to be delayed until November 9-15 this year, this was the weekend it was originally scheduled.  If all goes as planned we will get two Masters in just 5 months.

Until then Enjoy the #MastersRewind over at or on YouTube.

Each Evening a New Video is Released
Wednesday - Jack Nicklaus - 1986
Thursday - Tiger Woods - 1997
Friday - Tiger Woods - 2005
Saturday - Phil Mickleson - 2004
& Sunday - Tiger Woods win from last Year
By now many of our golf courses are back open.  Every course will have significate changes to their operation.  Please be patient with everyone, staff and fellow golfers.

PLEASE REMEMBER IT IS SAFER TO STAY HOME to reduce your and others exposure.  Demonstration Video

Event_Updates_SmallYour Association looks forward to getting our golf events started, but unlike our Golf Courses who can be open with significant modifications to their operations.  Organized Sports Competitions may be one of the last activities allowed.  We reach this conclusion based on the repeated statements from our State Leadership on a very gradual release of social distancing requirements.  When the time is correct, as we don't want to threaten our Golf Course Operations, we will likely need to file a Dispute Resolution with the State Department of Health to allow our Golf Events to begin (Because a Golf Event is much different than a Basketball Game).

Bunker_BlastAs things will likely remain fluid around the COVID-19 pandemic. The leadership at Miami Valley Golf feels we still the have luxury of not acting prematurely on any decisions.

As we are inside a month, for our events beginning, the likelihood of anything occurring in May would be considered a long shot at this point.  We will open registrations when it feels appropriate to do so.

We also must take into consideration how our events may have to be modified to allow for any social distancing requirements that will still be in effect.  These modifications could affect the starting of our events, transportation, formats and even the rules of play.

We thank you for your patience and will provide additional updates when they become available.


Bucky_AlbersPod_Cast_LogoThe purpose of this podcast is to record stories of our game’s rich history, interview interesting people and share information to help all of us enjoy this wonderful sport just a little bit more.

Our Podcast Station will be named after our first guest, one of our area’s finest gentlemen and our Legionary Golf Reporter…. Bucky Albers.

We Start the podcast asking Bucky how he got his nickname. 
Random Golf Footnotes from John Fischer, noted Golf Historian

Little_PoisenPaul Runyan was one of golf’s greats in the 1930s on the nascent PGA Tour. He won nine tournaments in 1933, was paired with Bob Jones in the 1934 Masters, won the 1934 PGA Championship and was leading money winner in 1934. He was a dominant player throughout the decade, showing that a little guy weighing no more than 130 pounds  and short in stature could cast a long shadow over the field. The 1938 PGA Championship proved that. 

The story which recently appeared in Morning Read ( is attached as a PDF file. It will make you want to practice your putting a bit more — no excuses.

In Match Play, it's anybody's game as Paul Runyan stuns Sam Snead

Through our stay at Home Order, we urge you to STAY AT HOME, we also know that 
until we are through the current order, any extended time and the gradual reduction of restrictions we must be realistic...

So if you do go to the Golf Course we ask you to  

Promise To

  • Make Sure you have a Tee Time Before you Arrive!
  • Not touch or remove the Flagstick
  • Not drive to the Golf Course with anyone other than those you are isolating with!
  • Not share equipment, be diligent about making sure you have what you need in your pockets and in your bag before you tee off. (No Bumming a Mark, a Tee or throwing them their ball after it comes it rest.)
  • Don't Exchange Cash, there are plenty of Money Transfer Apps Out there.
  • Dan't Shake Hands
  • Get there just a few minutes before and leave directly after your round is over.
  • Be Kind and Patient with All !
Our Golf Courses are working hard to provide you a Safe Environment, please follow all requirements and don't loiter with your friends when you are done.  They just closed Hocking Hills State Park because they could not ensure Proper Social Distancing, our courses will only be able to remain open if we are all diligent.  We are only as strong as our weakest link...Don't be that Link!
Golf_LeagueFor the moment we are allowed to play golf, but it's important that you understand it is not business as usual.  In the recently amended order that Dr. Acton signed to go into effect there is a provision stating "Organized Recreational Sports Leagues Not Allowed". 

To View the Amended Order
Attend an Online Certification Class


The Online Certification consists of four educational video segments, with each segment made available after the previous one has been viewed.  

After all segments have been completed an Open Book, 20 question quiz will take place with 16 or more correct answers needed to attain Certification. 

You can take this quiz as many times as you like to achieve certification.

To Take Start the Process 

Visit our World Handicap Resources Pages

Visit and Find all our Typo's on Miami Valley Golf
Watch Some of Our Video's on our YouTube Channel
Nominate someone for the Dayton Golf Hall of Fame 

Last_Class_of_the_Hall_of_FameThe Dayton Amateur Golf Hall of Fame began in 1978 when Vin Hilton, Bob Kepler, Bob Servis and Janet Shock Beardsley where the inaugural inductees.  In the almost 42 years since that first induction, there have been an additional 65 people added to it's roster.  

Nominations for the class of 2020 can be made either online or by downloading this PDF and sending it to the Dayton Golf Office.  Nominations are due by July 1.  

To view Past Inductees
Please keep in mind that everyone is coming to terms with our new normal and it is ever evolving, so please be patient with operators, their staffs and each other so that we can all continue to enjoy this great game as we enter our new season!  
Send Additional Questions to 
Q: If I don't hole out in the "Traditional Sense" do I still post my score ? 
A: Yes, While in all of these instances, the ball is not holed per the Rules of Golf (Rule 3.3c), a round played under these conditions will result in an acceptable score for handicap purposes using the most likely score guidelines (see Rule 3.3 of the Rules of Handicapping).   
Q: How can I post my score if the clubhouse is closed ?
A: Given the current concerns of spreading the Coronavirus, we are recommending that you use the USGA-GHIN Mobile App or post through our site or  This is also a good recommendation moving forward and we will likely begin phasing out our Scoring Kiosks wherever possible to avoid future contaminations. 
Q: I can't post a score as it says I'm inactive and I can't go into the Golf Shop to renew.
A: You can renew at almost all of our Public Access Facilities by following this link and selecting where you play the most golf 
when to NOT post your scores 
March 15th signaled the start of the New Score Posting Season in the Miami Valley.  Here are a few things to remember when it comes to NOT posting your score.  All other times you should!

When_to_PostSo, don't post your score....
  • When your score can’t be verified by another person
  • While being coached on the course
  • When you play using non-conforming clubs, non-conforming balls, or non-conforming tees;
  • When you don't play the required number of holes, Less than 6 for 9, less than 14 for 18.  For the holes you haven’t played, you post net par for the hole.
  • And when you are not playing your own ball — scrambles, shambles or foursomes (alternate shot).

And remember...A key tenet of the World Handicap System is that it is based on the fact that a you will try to make the best score at every hole in every round. 

So you post just about everything and that includes scores when you play Preferred Lies or adapting to modified Holes due to the Coronavirus !

2020 Play More Golf Challenge
Play_More_in_2020 ChallengeBack by popular demand for the second season...The 2020 Season Challenge to post more rounds of golf during our active season than you did in 2019.    

The Grand Prize will be a $750 Gift Certificate to the Miami Valley Golf Shop of the winners choosing.   

The drawing will be held in early December.  Chances for wining the Grand Prize will increase based on the number of scores posted over their 2019 total.    

To be eligible you must have posted at least 5 rounds in 2019.   

To register or for more details 
About the Banner: Bunker Rakes waiting to return to action
2020 Non Playing Events
Wed, Apr 15 - Master Club Rep Meeting  - Cancelled
Wed, July 1st - Nominations Due for Dayton Hall of Fame  
2020 Tournament Season - Registration Suspended for Now
Mon, May 4 - Spring Better Ball - Sugar Valley GC - Info 
Mon, May 11 - Masters Event - Walnut Grove CC - Info
Mon, May 18 - DDWGA Shamble - Urbana CC - Info
Tue, May 26 - Ohio Amateur Q - NCR CC - North Course - Info
Mon, June 8 - US Open Final - Springfield CC - Info
Mon, June 15 - DDWGA Twin BB - CCN - Info
Mon, June 22 - Masters Event - Piqua CC - Info
Thu, July 9 - USGA Women's Am Q - Walnut Grove CC
Mon, July 13 - USGA Men's Am Q - Moraine CC  
Thurs, July 23 - Sun, July 26 - Metropolitan - Piqua CC
Mon, Aug 10th - The Mercedes Benz Dealer Championship - Moraine CC 
Mon, Aug 17th - Masters Event - CC of the North 
Mon, Aug 31st - DDWGA Classic - Piqua CC 
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