The postponed Two Man Metro is this Monday (October 5th) As stated in the entry form, in the Handicap Divisions, partners' handicap indexes will not vary by more than 8.0 handicap index strokes on Handicap Revision, September 16, 2009, so adjustments may be made accordingly.

Also, we will offer an optional $20 net and $20 gross skin game and enrollment will be done when you arrive. 


Feel free to contact the offices of the Golf Association with any questions or concerns regarding this event by email or by calling, (937) 294-6842.


  The Day's Schedule

11:30 - Range Opens/Lunch Service (Included with Entry)
12:45 PM - Briefing and Head Out to Holes
1:00 PM - Shotgun Start
Beverages are available for purchase from the Clubhouse during and after your round.

Monday's 1:00 PM Shotgun Groupings

1A - Doug Eakin; Brett Baumeister; Dave Larger; Tom Christy
2A - Dave Clancy; Curt Cranmer; Steve Ford; C Casey Skapik
4A - Jim Sass; Bill York; Joe Clayton; George Ives
5A - Ray Louis; Rick Pummill; Larry Duggins; Paul Dudding
6A - Kevin Eversole; Thomas Grove; Mark Allen; Mark Shrewsbury
8A - Ron Dement; John Henry; Jim Snyder; Gary Christmas
9A - Jerry Kessler; Brian Kretzer; Chris Francis; Terry Daugherty
10A - Oscar Burgess; Don Snyder; Seb Melluzzo; Tom Alexander
11A - Mike Lavey; Dan Sutherly; Jeff Bollinger; Mike Wardley
12A - Don Block; Greg Eldred; Larry Couchot; Chuck Norman
13A - Dan Price; Tim Smiley; Terry Groeber; Eddie Frye
14A - Steve Marzluff; Bill Graham; Jason Mowry; Jeff Kuske
16A - David Schrader; Jerry Rathmann; Walter Crume; Gary Woods
17A - Greg McCracken; Mark Florence; Bryan Gottron; Mike Gottron
18A - Harry Williamson; Carl Whitener; Chris Knowles; Mike Webster

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