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Welcome to the Two Man Metropolitan Championship.  The championship is this upcoming Monday at NCR Country Club on the South Course.  To add additional spice to the event we will be using the final day hole locations from the 2005 Senior Open and adding An OPTIONAL Skins Game PER DIVISION.  The skins fee is $20.00 CASH per team that will be paid during check in.  

As you are now aware there is a 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM Shotgun Start.   Both Shotguns will play as one event. 

As stated in the entry form, in the Handicap Divisions, partners' handicap indexes may not vary by more than 8.0 handicap index strokes on Handicap Revision, September 17, 2008.  (A few teams have been adjusted)

The above links are intended to help provide you with information for the event.  We encourage you to look through the information to familiarize yourself with the course, local rules, directions, and groupings.
Feel free to contact the offices of the Golf Association with any questions or concerns regarding this event by email or by calling, (937) 294-6842.
Thank You,
Your Golf Association

 The Day's Schedule

 7:45 AM - The Range Will Open
8:45 AM - Briefing and Head Out to Holes
9:00 AM - 1st Shotgun Begins
12:30 - 2:30 PM - Lunch will be served
1:45 PM - Briefing and Head Out to Holes
2:00 PM - 2nd Shotgun Begins      

Daylight Hours are shorter this time of year, so pace of play is important.  Please do everything to maintain your position on the course.

Monday's 9:00 AM Shotgun Groupings

1A - Tom Mann, Charles Corpus, Ed Dierker, Ed Cokley
1B - John Alley, R Tracy Alley, John Foland, Richard Shields
2A - Jeff Miller, Mark Niederkohr, Dan Miller, Don Bogard
3A - John Savard, Chuck Kessel, John Skotko, Orv Larison
4A - Dave Larger, Tom Christy, Brett Baumeister, Doug Eakin
5A - Andrew Belliveau, Andy Koelsch, Chuck Parsons, Jack Sayers
6A - Joe Kwiatkowski, Ken Hemmelgarn, Jerry Morgan, Brian Hemmelgarn
7A - Ian Young, Mike Soehner, Jon Brading, Keith McGillvary
8A - Alfred Dupuy, Joel Lahrman, Jeff Bollinger, Mike Wardley
9A - Jeff Serena, Andy Stuhlmiller, Jeff Sawdey, Roy Caudill
10A - Andy Birch, Sean Ryan, Par Soulati, Emery Shumaker
11A - Steve Colclasure, Robert Caliguiri, Walter Crume, Garrett Woods
12A - Jim McKenzie, Josh Sine, John Lammers, Chuck Freeman
13A - Clifford Joyce, Jim Hodge, Mike Gentile, Dan Pelphrey
14A - Robert Jones, John Sherman, Larry Duggins, Jerry Willis
15A - Jim Snyder, Gary Christmas, Bill York, Jim Sass
16A - Billy Sutterlin, Chris Cadwallader, Gregg Grimes, Rob Davidge
17A - Bruce Borders, Robert Thorstenson, Jim Finke Sr., Richard Taylor
18A - Peter Selten, John Templin, Terry Groeber, Eddie Frye

 Monday's 2:00 PM Shotgun Groupings

1A - Dale Mills, Mike O'Bryan, Christopher Francis, Terry Daugherty
2A - Don Hansen, Doug Hansen, Karl Frydryk, Terry Duffy
3A - Dave Crockett, Jeff Ronningen, Ed Loughrea, George Ives
4A - Pete Flick, Mike Oppenheimer, Bob Eardley, Jerry Orum
5A - Dan Sutherly, Bob Bair, Lloyd Shoemaker, Bob Plunkett
6A - Lloyd Bowman, Robert Grote, Mike Wilbanks, Doug McMichael
7A - Dave Novotny, George Moore, Jason Weidner, Tal Selby
8A - Dan Devore, Ed Steiber, Carl Bidwell, Doug Gage
9A - John Robertson, Bill Balok, Ryan Reichley, Mark Monfort
10A - Sam King, Pat Koons, Doug Brush, Gary Lust
11A - Kevin Flynn, Steve Sandstrom, Dan Young, Jeff Hamlin
12A - Charles Wimmers, Don Kringen, Brian Kretzer, Dave Penrod
13A - Ronald Dement, Bill Birkett, Nat Vivians, Jim McCartney
14A - Dave Barnhart, Mike Butsch, Tim Smiley, Dan Price
15A - Chuck Barton, James Sliger, Jason Merkle, Kevin Schroeder
16A - Dave Clancy, Bill Graham, Rob Berry, Curt Cranmer
17A - Mark Greene, Ray Loius, John Harm, Joe Reichley
18A - Larry Couchot, Phil Gilardi, Harry Williamson, Carl Whitener

Reflections from the 2005 U.S. Senior Open Championship

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