New Handicap Revisions

     This year the Miami Valley Golf Association has increased its number of handicap revisions to 20, including the off-season.  With
these additional revisions, handicaps will be revised once every two weeks and will eliminate the three week interval between revisions during the fall and spring.  Those of you taking retreat to warmer climates will have the luxury of having your handicap updated during the off-season.

     Also this year, the cutoff date to post scores during a revision week has changed from Thursday to Tuesday.  This means the new effective date will be Wednesday instead of Friday.  This means golf clubs no longer have to wait until Friday morning to get handicaps updated for weekend groups or tournaments.

     What this all means is that you are now getting even more worth out of your handicaps.  Members now get 16 revisions over the same period as before, plus four inactive season revisions. The end result means handicap revisions every two weeks during the active season.

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