Welcome to the 2007 Miami Valley Team Invitational
The following information is to help you prepare for next Monday’s Miami Valley Team Invitational.  Since we don’t have all the team members or emails, please forward along to other team members we missed.  We also copied the 2006 Team Members to ensure the best coverage possible.
When you arrive on Monday, the golf cars will be stationed around the parking lot by Club Name.  Please park by your Clubs carts.   Once you head to the range you will not come back to the Clubhouse until after the Singles Format which is the final format for the day.  A map will be provided on how to get down to the practice range and putting greens.   We will do all scoring and the pre event briefing by the shelter on the West Side of the Range.


IMPORTANT: Since we are playing 9 Hole Formats, PLEASE REMEMBER TO GO FROM #9 to #1 and #18 to #10.
Schedule for the Days Play

8:00 – Range Opens
– Briefing Prior to First Round at Shelter by Driving Range

Shotgun - Better Ball of Two, keeping 3 of the 4 scores.

Shotgun - Alternate Shot of Two, keeping 3 of 4 scores. 
Box Lunch will be provided between nines. 
SPECIAL NOTE: In Foursomes (Alternate Shot), one team member will tee off on the odd numbered holes, while the other team member will tee of on the even holes.  In Foursome Competition, penalty strokes do not affect the order of play. 

Shotgun - Singles keeping 6 of the 8 scores.

Hole Assignments will be available at over the weekend. 


Distant Measuring Devises are allowed.
The One Ball Rule
The One Ball Rull is NOT in effect.  However, you must hole out with the ball that is put into play, no substituting unless allowed under the USGA Rules of Golf. (No Putting Balls, etc.)
Links of Interest 
Local Rules Hole Locations Past MVTI Scores Springfield CC Web Site
Course Tour General Information  Link to Yahoo Maps to Springfield CC
Standard Rules of Play 

Hole Assignments

The Weather
The Weather looks to be cooler in the morning then we are currently used to, however, it does not look like frost will be an issue.

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