Jim Heimbach Wins Metro Contest
Our winner of the 2014 Metropolitan Contest is Jim Heimbach.  His picks finished a combined 75th place.   Jim’s picks were Matt Buse, 3rd place, Rick Denny, 25th place, Ben Hogenkamp, 6th place, Conner Lash, 11th place, Pete Samborsky, 3rd place, Jeff Scohy, 2nd place, Steven Sveda, 14th place and Ryan Wenzler 11th place.

There where three tied for second at 76, just one shot back.  The only pick, Ben Hogenkamp, Kip Gray & Tony Dierker did not get right to tie for 1st was Rick Denny who finished in 25th Place compared to their choice of Paul Day who finished 26th. 

Jim wasn’t far from the perfect score of 66.  Those six selections would have been Matt Buse, Rick Denny, Ben Hogenkamp, Jack Kegelmeyer Jr., Pete Samborsky, Jeff Scohy. Brennen Walsh & Ryan Wenzler.  

Thanks to everyone who submitted their entries, and congratulations to Jim on winning six dozen ProV1s.
Click on the following link to see all of the Results for the Metropolitan Contest
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