News for January 20, 2018 
USGA Announces 59 New AGA Partnerships

Miami Valley Golf has entered a new relationship with the United States Golf Association (USGA) and is among the 59 partnerships the national organization initiated with regional golf associations around the country. The Allied Golf Association (AGA) partnership structure will allow regional golf associations to better serve the golfer experience at the state and local levels within their given territories through improved communication and resource management between our association and the USGA.

"Miami Valley Golf is excited about the new partnership and collaborative efforts to improve services to member golfers and clubs around the Miami Valley," said Doug Miller, President of Miami Valley Golf. "Moving forward, it will allow our association to better serve the game within our geographic area."

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New Member Benefit with Affinity Travel
As a member of Miami Valley Golf you now have access to the lowest hotel prices with only one site to check.  Which is good, because most of us check five on average.  You will save time and money and if you are interested in not only hotels, but travel, tickets to events and other items, you really should review this member benefit.

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Mercer County Elks Is Becoming a GHIN Member Club in 2018

Located in the heart of Mercer County and farm country, Mercer County Elks, which was founded 1960, will become the latest GHIN Member Club of the Miami Valley Golf Association.  Their membership will begin when the 2018 season arrives and was predicated on the advancement of the community enhancing technology services that are provided by Miami Valley Golf in it's association with the USGA.  Welcome Aboard!

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Ohio is the 3rd Best Golf State in the Nation
In a recent article by Jim Moriarty in Links Magazine, Ohio was ranked very high in a number of segments that define our sport in the Buckeye state.  We always suspected it was pretty good here in Ohio, but this article confirms it.  

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