The 15th Annual Masters Contest Presented by our Friends at Mercedes Benz of Centerville is in full swing and if you are like the rest of us and need to be reminded of your selections the link is below.

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And don't forget about - A great way to immerse yourself in the Masters Experience
Masters Highlights from

Nicklaus, Player Get Play Under Way

By Jim McCabe - Thursday, April 05, 2018

His incomparable 59-year ride down memory lane at Augusta National Golf Club could start at his Masters Tournament debut, any of his first five wins or the epic magic of 1986. But you’ll excuse Jack Nicklaus if he begins the tour with what happened Wednesday, “the greatest day I’ve ever had at Augusta National.”

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'The Watson of Old' Claims Par 3 Title

By John Steinbreder - Wednesday, April 04, 2018

In an event that in recent years has been mostly about cute kids scampering across the emerald green grass clad in white caddie jumpsuits, it was a trio of older men – and much loved Masters champions – whose surprisingly stellar play was the story of the 2018 Par 3 Contest.

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why you can't play when frost is on the course 

Frost is essentially frozen dew. Ice crystals visible on the outside of the plant can also form on the inside of grass blades. The grass plant, normally resilient to footsteps or cart traffic, becomes brittle and fragile when ice crystals form. Under the pressure of traffic, ice crystals puncture living plant tissues and rupture plant cells. Damage will not appear right away, but it will show up in footsteps and tire tracks the following days as the plant is unable to repair itself and begins to die. 

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from our past - macgregor golf  
In 1979 the son of Clarence Ricky who was the long time President of MacGregor, Robert D. Rickey Writes the History of MacGregor  from 1829 to 1979

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