2018 Helpful Standards for Rules of Golf
When Can't You Clean Your Ball
Determining if Embedded
Interfering or Assisting play
When ID' ing
When Determining If Unfit for Play
When Determining if Ball is in a Burrowing Animal Hole
When is there No Penalty for Ball Moving?  (Must replace) 
Measuring Distance from Hole
Searching for In Hazard, Casual Water, and G.U.R.
Act of Marking Ball
Repairing Ball Mark or Hole Plug
In Removal of Obstruction
Removal of Loose Impediment on Putting Green
Lifting Ball Under Applicable Rule
Drop or Place Ball
Ball Dropped if Spot Not Determinable
Ball Placed if Spot is Determinable
Ball Placed when play resumed after suspension
Ball Mostly Placed on Green (Except)
     A.  Relief from Unplayable Lie
     B.  Relief from Casual Water
     C.  Dropping under Lateral Water Hazard Rule
Must Redrop Ball When 
Rolls into Hazard
Rolls out of Hazard
Roles and Comes to Rest out of Bounds
Rolls onto Putting Green
Rolls into Condition Taking Relief From
Rolls and Comes to Rest more then 2 Club Lengths from where ball lands on ground
Rolls and Comes to Rest nearer to hole then original position
Rolls and Comes to Rest Closer to hole then where ball lasted crossed margin of hazard
When ball dropped lands outside relief area
When Striking Yourself, Side or Equipment
Special Note: Ball is in play when Leaves Hand
When your ball strikes another competitor 
Play the ball as it lies; there is no penalty, except when the competitor is attending the flagstick with your authorization (2 strokes)
Both Upwards & Downwards: Water Hazards & Out of Bounds
Just Downward: Bunker, G.U.R. & Casual Water
Water Hazards Stakes are Moveable Obstructions (if movable) and can be moved whether your ball is in or out of the hazard.
Out of Bounds Stakes are not moveable. (2 stroke penalty)
Standard Penalty 
Stroke Play - 2 Strokes
Match Play - Loss of Hole 
Must Rectify or D.Q. 
Rule 3-2           Failure to Hole Out
Rule 11-4         Playing Outside of Tee Ground
Rule 11-5         Playing From Wrong Teeing Ground
Rule 15-3         Playing Wrong Ball
Rule 20-7         Playing from Wrong Place (if serious breach) 
Rule 29-3         Partners Playing in Wrong Order
One Stroke Penalty  
Rule 5-3                   Ball Unfit for Play
Rule 12-2                 ID'ng Ball
Rule 14-4                 Striking Ball More Than Once
Rule 16-2                 Ball Overhanging Edge of Hole
Rule 18-2a               Ball Moved by Player, Partner, Caddie or Equipment  (must replace)
Rule 18-2b               Ball Moving After Address (must replace)
Rule 18-2c               Ball Moving After Moving Loose Impediment (must replace)
Rule 20-1                 Lifting the Ball
Rule 20-2                 Dropping and Redropping
Rule 21                    Cleaning Ball when not allowed to
Rule 25                    When taking relief from an Abnormal Ground Conditions in a bunker
Rule 26                    Water Hazard
Rule 26-2                 Ball played from within Water Hazard
Rule 27                    Lost Ball or Out of Bounds
Rule 28                    Ball Unplayable
Not a Loose Impediment (Natural Object) 

No Second Ball Allowed in Match Play 

Moving Loose Impediment in Bunker
Two Strokes / Lose Hole (Match Play)
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