Standard Spectator Cart Policy

In order to avoid unnecessary distractions to all competitors and to ensure that every tournament is conducted with strict adherence to the Rules of Golf, spectator carts are prohibited during all Junior Golf Tournaments and Events administered by the Miami Valley Golf Associations. Spectators must walk at all times while observing play. 
However, individuals who are able to demonstrate a physical disability through proper documentation may request the use of a cart upon arrival at each tournament site. This request must be directed to the Tournament Director on-site or his designee and must be accompanied by the following items: 
1.   A valid state-issued drivers license or photo ID, AND  
2.  A state or government-issued handicap parking permit matching the name that appears on item #1 above, OR  a letter from a licensed physician stating the existence of a physical disability and the need for reasonable accommodation for the individual whose name appears on item #1 above.  
If an exemption is given the host facility cart rental fee will be charged.  
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