PRIZE Vouchers
3-2A/21 Policy on Prize Vouchers
The guidelines on prize vouchers are as follows: 
(1) The organizing committee is strongly encouraged to define accurately the purpose for which the voucher may be used, e.g., purchase of goods in a professional’s shop or sporting goods shop, any goods and services from the Club or from any retail or food and beverage source. 
(2) A voucher may be credited to a Club account and be used for items such as a bar bill, Club dues, payment of entry fees, and other goods and services at the Club, e.g., vouchers may be applied toward use of a practice area, lessons, use of a golf cart, green fees and food and beverages. 
(3) When making payment in respect of the voucher, it is the duty of the organizing committee to satisfy itself that the conditions of the voucher have been complied with and that it has been redeemed for the respective goods and/or services. 
(4) If the value of the voucher, is, say $100, the organizing committee may, at its discretion, issue two vouchers for $50, four vouchers for $25 etc., if it considers that these would be simpler to administer. 
(5) An amateur golfer may submit a voucher to his national, regional, state or county golf union or association and thereafter be reimbursed from the voucher for expenses incurred in competing in a golf competition. Therefore, following the production of receipts, an amateur golfer could be reimbursed for expenses such as travel and accommodation costs, entry fees, etc. which relate directly to participating in the competition concerned. (Revised – Formerly 3-2b/2) 
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