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Protein should always be the first food on your plate 

Kashi_Bar_IconProtein should always be the first food on your plate, as the word protein stems from the Greek word proteos, or “of primary importance.” Why is it so important? 

Protein is made up of twenty-four amino acids, some of which your body isn’t able to produce on its own. The only way your body is able to get these amino acids, is by taking them in through the diet. Amino acids are responsible for many functions of the body such as repairing tissue, boosting energy, improving metabolism, and increasing muscle mass. Sounds pretty important for golfers, right? 

Now that we know how important protein is, when should it be eaten? Protein should be eaten throughout the day in order to maintain the above functions. On days without exercise, it’s common to eat protein at breakfast, lunch and dinner. On days with exercise, one serving should be taken away from lunch OR dinner. A branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplement should be taken before exercise OR a protein shake should be consumed after exercise. This will support muscle protein synthesis. In short, supporting the building, recovery and adaptation of muscles. 

And how much are you supposed to eat? Start by having one serving of protein at each meal. To determine how much one serving of protein is, use the palm of your hand as your guide. If you are feeling hungry shortly after eating, having trouble focusing or concentrating, recovering poorly from training sessions, you may need to increase your protein intake. Try adding in one more serving per day. 

There are many sources of protein, no matter what type of diet you eat. Visit this link for a list of ideal proteins!

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