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My Two Cents Worth
- Steve Jurick, PGA, Your Executive Director's Take on the Proposed Golf Ball Roleback
Golf_Balls- Many of you have heard about the proposed golf ball rollback announced jointly by the USGA and R&A this week. However, don't worry, it won't affect most golfers, including those in our area. It may affect only a handful of golfers and not until 2026 at the earliest. This new rule will be treated as a local rule for elite level competitions, such as the US Open Final that we have been fortunate to host for the past 15 years. 

As your Executive Director, I have been around since before the ProV1 distance revolution, and I know that the ability of our local courses to test our better players from a distance standpoint is long since past. It would be nice to return to a three-shot par five that is not 650 yards long. 

One concern that many people don't realize is the additional cost of yardage. Increasing distance is a financial burden, from the additional maintenance it requires to taxes and land cost. When you compare what is spent compared to the percentage of golfers who play it, there is not much of an ROI to the extra length.

As golfers, we all must adjust to the conditions of the round, such as temperature and wind variations and elevation changes. Modifying the distance, a golf ball can travel for just the elite players should not be a big deal.

 Of course, game manufacturers will have to adjust, and that may cost our golf community. But that's the nature of the world we live in.

Want to read about the 2006 Ohio Golf Association Event that used a mandated golf ball?

Jurick_150-150Now you will have the option to read what Steve thinks when the mode strikes you and him.  You can heckle him by sending him an email directly at 
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