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creating a ghin profiile

To improve data security and privacy, GHIN is updating how golfers access the Mobile App and To create your profile, you will be asked to login by verifying your email address and setting a password before accessing the products. If your email is in the system you may click on the image above or here to set up your profile on

If you are unsure if you have an email in the GHIN system, or what email is in there. You can contact your Club or enter your email below to either confirm or change the email address we have for you in the GHIN Database.

Submitting your information below does not set your GHIN Profile, just ensures your email address is in the GHIN system so you can then set up your profile
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For Data Security Reasons, the email that comes to you weekly (From the Short Grass) is not dynamically linked to your GHIN Profile. 
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