Thanks for your interest in volunteering.  To allow us to determine an assignment that best matches your wishes, please answer the following questions.  Don't forget to hit the submit button!
Assignments will be released approximately one week prior to the event.  Review Last US Open Sectional Assignments
Perks of Being A Volunteer 
  • You are up close, watching some really good golf !
  • There is a Free Lunch !
  • Those volunteering for more than one event, are entered into our annual drawing for great golf opportunities and golf swag !
  • Sunshine and Exercise !
  • The satisfaction of giving back to a game we all love !

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PM Walking Scoring
AM Walking Scoring
Hole Marshal, Mainly Spotting
Transportation, Moving Hole Marshals & Spotters to Locations
Evacuation Steward, Ensuring Evacuation Locations are Open
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Are you comfortable using your own mobile device (Smart Phone) to enter the players scores? * Yes, I'm fine entering scores on my Smart Phone
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Please indicate your willingness to assist with other qualifiers and championships this season
Would you also be interested in being a Scorer or Spotter at the Following Events? US Women's Amateur Qualifier - Thursday, July 8 - Walnut Grove CC
US Amateur Qualifier - Mon, July 12 (Morning Round) - Moraine CC
US Amateur Qualifier - Mon, July 12 (Afternoon Round) - Moraine CC
The Metropolitan - Thur - July 22 - Yankee Trace
The Metropolitan - Fri - July 23 - Yankee Trace
The Metropolitan - Sat - July 24 - Yankee Trace
The Metropolitan - Sun - July 25 - Yankee Trace
The Senior and Mid Am Championship - Tues - Sept 9 - Troy CC
The Senior and Mid Am Championship - Wed - Sept 10 - Troy CC
High School Sectional - Girls - Mon - Sept 27 - WGC Golf Course
High School Sectional - Boys - Tues - Sept 28 - Turtle Creek GC
High School Sectional - Boys - Wed - Sept 29 - Pipestone
High School Sectional - Boys - Mon - Oct 4 - Yankee Trace
High School Sectional - Girls - Tues - Oct 5 - Yankee Trace
High School District - Girls - Wed - Oct 6 - Pipestone