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GHIN app support information
from our friends at the Carolinas Golf Association

Please find below the latest updates on the GHIN App as well as the overview of the new World Handicap  System. 

There were a few kinks in the roll out of the new GHIN system. Here are a few things to note:

1) If your GHIN number starts with a zero, leave the zero out when entering your number.

2) Here is a video tutorial on how to use the GHIN mobile from our friends with the Carolinas Golf Association App>>

3) During the active season (March 15 - November 30) You will be getting an eNewsletter from GHIN that contains your handicap index for the day and your revisions scores, if you have your email in your profile with them. Please add and to your contact list or address book. 

4) If you have an Android App, you must UNINSTALL the App completely, then shut off and re-boot your phone. Go to the Playstore Google-Playand search for GHIN Mobile and install the new app. You  must then type your full name one letter at a time (do not use the prompt).

5) iPhone users must update the App. If this does not happen automatically, go to the App Store  Apple-App-Storeand search for USGA GHIN and click on update.

6) Saved links on your computer may not work. Please delete your cookies and type in


What is NEW? 

  • Your MAXIMUM score for a hole is NET DOUBLE BOGEY 
  • You must post your score IMMEDIATELY after play.  Handicaps are revised daily and there is a computerized calculation for Playing Conditions. If you delay, your handicap index (and others) will be affected.
  • If you play at least 7 holes, post a 9 hole score. If you play at least 14 holes, post an 18 hole score. Any holes not played, post a NET PAR (par plus handicap strokes you are entitled to).
  • Any hole not finished, post the score you MOST LIKELY would have. If you are on the putting green within 5 feet (add 1 shot), if you are between 5 feet and 20 yards add 2-3 shots based on the position of the ball and your ability. If you are beyond 20 yards add 3 or 4 shots based on the position of the ball and your ability.

What has changed?

  • Your handicap index is calculated using your lowest 8 differentials out of your last 20 scores. 
  • The maximum handicap index is 54.0 (this will be limited in certain events).
  • Revisions are calculated daily so a new handicap index will be available the following day (events will have a fixed revision date).
  • If you have a nine hole index, it will be converted to an 18 hole index. You can divide the index in two to get your index for 9 holes.
  • Playing Conditions will be factored into the calculation based in course conditions, weather conditions, course set up, etc. At least 8 players must post a score on a given day for the PCC (Playing Conditions Calculation) to take effect.
  • A players Low Handicap Index (low handicap in the last 365 days) will be used to limit the upward movement of a players index up to a maximum of 5 strokes (hard cap) or 3 strokes (soft cap- adjustment of 50% of difference over 3 from low index).
  • Handicap allocations have been updated for different competitions. The allocation for four ball and best two net competitions is 85% of course handicap. View complete list
  • The calculation for course handicap includes the course rating for the different sets of tees so rule 3-5 will not be required. The calculation is handicap index x slope/ 113 + course rating - par.
  • The score differential is calculated by taking the adjusted gross score minus the course rating x 113 divided by the slope minus any PCC adjustment.
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