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Common Questions 
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Perhaps one of the best things about golf, is that players of differing abilities can play against each other.  Golfers do this through using the World Handicap System.  This system, recently developed by the USGA & R&A brings all the different Handicap Systems from around the world into one consistant system allowing all golfers from across the global to play in a fair and equitable system. While net golf is likely older than the USGA itself the USGA has stewarded the process for well over 100 years and has led many refinements through the years. 

One of the reasons your local Golf Associations was formed was to help insure high standards of handicapping in our 14 county area.  Everyone, should have a fair chance at winning their match.  With that in mind the MVGA started offering the Golf Handicap Information Network to our member clubs in 1997 (GHIN).  This network which was formed by the USGA allows for interaction between clubs, better handicap committee supervision, better tournament management and a closer community of golfers.

While GHIN had been popular throughout the United States since the early 1980's it had not been offered in our area until 1997.  Who would have thought that from 8 member clubs in 1997 we would have grown to over 50 clubs in a few short years. 
How Do I Get an Official Handicap ?

You join a golf club. Which is not difficult or expense, REALLY.  The WHS defines a golf club as an organization of at least ten individual members that have a reasonable and regular opportunity to play with each other, that operate under by-laws, that provide for peer review and have a Handicap Committee. Therefore, a golf club can be anywhere either at a public course, a private course, a business, a neighborhood, etc. You do not need a specific course to be considered a golf club by the WHS however, you do need to meet a few requirements.   If you don't have a regular group of people you play with we recommend that you join our eClub which works hard to ensure all the requirements are successfully implemented.  To join any of our Public Access Golf Clubs or eClub
How Much Does an Official Handicap Cost ?
It varies by Club, The Standard Pricing for eClub is $40 per season (March 15 - March 14) (Active Score Posting in the Miami Valley is Mar 15 - Nov 30)
When must I renew my Official Handicap ? 
Your Membership regardless of what club you are a part of runs from March 15th to March 14th.  If you are a member at a Private Club, most Clubs Manage this for you.  At Public Clubs, you will need to renew by March 15th to avoid going inactive.  At must public courses you can do it online and set an auto renewal feature if you prefer. 
When will I have an Official Handicap After I Join ?
After your 54th Hole is posted you will have a Handicap Index the next day.  If you have a handicap score record already making yourself active will do it and your index will be active and available the next day.   
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