Definition of a Tournament Score
When Should a Score Be Posted as a Tournament Score ?
A " tournament score" (T-Score) is a score made in a competition organized and conducted by the Committee in charge of the competition. The competition must identify a winner(s) based on a  stipulated round(s) , and must be played under the Rules of Golf. 
The Committee in charge of the competition must announce in advance whether the score is to be designated as a  Tournament Score . Not all club competitions qualify to be posted as  Tournament Scores . For example, club events that are routine events such as daily, weekly, or monthly play days should not be designated as  Tournament Scores
Examples of scores made at the club level that should be designated as  Tournament Scores include club championships (stroke play or match play) and member-guest competitions. Examples at the regional and state level include qualifying and championship rounds conducted by  authorized golf associations . Also, qualifying and championship rounds conducted for national competitions should be designated as  Tournament Scores
Note:  The consequence of designating too many competition rounds as  Tournament Scores  is that the chart value in the Handicap Reduction Table will be diluted (See Section  10-3 and Decisions  10-3/1 through10-3/6). The Committee should scrutinize each competition in advance to determine whether it should be designated as a  Tournament Score.