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New Releases to GHIN Mobile App

New_Release_GHIN_Screen_Shot- Tracking your group’s match just became easier thanks to the new games and score-keeping feature added to the USGA’s GHIN app presented by Sentry.

Available free to all Golf Handicap and Information Network® (GHIN) users, the easy-to-use digital scorecard allows you to keep hole-by-hole scores and track a match for your group in one central location so that everyone can focus solely on their games.

At the end of the round, a user can seamlessly transfer each player’s scores to their GHIN app for individual review and posting.

“GHIN innovation continues to enhance the enjoyment of the game in a way that’s simple and accessible for every type of golfer,” said Gareth Londt, USGA managing director of Product, Data & Technology. “This latest update is one of the most significant to date in terms of elevating the experience of everyone playing together in a group, while still providing the ability to post individual scores for your Handicap Index.®"

Below are three ways to use the new feature:

Set up a game: Calculate handicap strokes for each person playing in the group on one digital scorecard.

Track your match: Always know where the match stands with hole-by-hole scoring.

Transfer scores: Easily transfer scores to players in your group after the round for individual review and posting.

The USGA's GHIN app presented by Sentry can be downloaded to any mobile device via the or

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