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FTSG Local Golf News for November 20
Thank You!
439-X2For being a part of our Miami Valley Golf Community, whether you live in this area or live far away, you are part of our Miami Valley Golf Community and because of your love of the game have made our collective community better by sharing your passion for our game and all it can do for others!

All the best to you and your love ones this Holiday Season!

Steve Jurick, PGA
Executive Director
 USGA Green Section Record

Whan_Podcast_ImageThe USGA has many departments, their order of importance is always up for debate.  One of the areas most of us can agree on, is the importance of the golf course and so 100 years ago the USGA began the Green's Section as a way to assist our Golf Course Caretakers.

In their most recent news letter, Mike Whan the new CEO and Cincinnati Native, discusses Golf Course Maintenance and the future of the game in a podcast and I find it worth a listen.  I hope you will to!

Listen Here

Rules of Golf Winter Education Seminars from the USGA

Registration for 2022 Rules of Golf Workshops opened this past Wednesday.

Registrants have numerous virtual and in-person options to choose from, please note in-person workshops seats are limited due to fewer in-person offerings and COVID-19 restrictions.

If you wish to attend an in-person workshop, please plan to register as early as possible.

For more information on Rules workshop offerings and exams

Tuition assistance if available for any level of education for those volunteering within our Miami Valley Golf Community.  To apply for full or partial reimbursement please email

The Visual System - Part 2
Visualization is a Powerful Tool

Both positively and negatively.  Can you visualize the putt dropping in the cup, or missing?  Can you visualize your shot shape?  Can you visualize your alignment?  How accurate is your visualization?  Visualization is the process of creating internal mental images, largely with the mind and partly with the eyes.  While this is mostly a “mental” skill your visual system still plays a small role.  You can only visualize images as well as you can see them with your eyes.  If your eyes are out of focus then your mind will be out of focus.  These visualization skills are developed through age and, like other skills, some people develop visualization skills better than others.  The good news is these skills can be practiced and improved but understanding whether or not you are a good visualizer and how it affects your game is just as important.

For the Complete Article

Dr. Nick Curry is a chiropractor that is also certified through the highly esteemed Titleist Performance Institute as a medical, fitness, and junior golf wellness professional.  He is the owner of Integrative Health and Sports Performance in Bellbrook and serves at the Team Chiropractor to Wright State and Miami Universities.  To Visit their Website
From the Archives - The MacGregor Golf Company

Head-ShotThe MacGregor Golf Co. was founded on innovation -- on the creative process of making something new from existing resources.  And through the thick and thin of a storied business history, the company has maintained that inventive genius in golf equipment design and manufacture despite its absence from our community for many, many years. 

It began in 1829, when the Crawford brothers founded the Dayton Shoe Last Company.  

From shoe lasts to golf clubs? Yes, and it wasn't as circuitous or accidental a connection as one might assume.  The lasts used by shoe manufacturers were made by a copying lathe, essentially the same device by which keys are today made in a hardware store.  A model of the item to be copied is secured on one side of the lathe.  

For the Complete Article



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About the Banner- A golf course Turf Professional doing one of his many jobs in checking the consistency of green speeds prior to one of our Championships.  As we head into Thanksgiving Week, it's important to recognize these important people who make our game so enjoyable! 

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