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Speaking Tips with Media and General Public 
Thanks to Brian Laurent with the Ohio Superintendent Network for Developing  - PDF Version

1. Make sure that you are in a position of authority that can answer questions on your facility’s behalf

2. Before conducting the interview, get an idea of what they would like to talk about and even what kind of questions they intend on asking

3. Be prepared; make sure you know what precautions your facility has implemented and have a plan in place to be able to show the reporter that they are in fact, in place

4. Show your plans in writing; have a sign or list available to share with reporters and even customers, which outlines the steps taken to keep employees and customers safe

5. Pause after hearing the question, think about your response, then answer 

6. If you are not comfortable answering a question, do not answer it. Ask for additional time to answer the question and offer to get back to them, or refer to a related response you may have already provided 

The most common question we will likely receive will be something along the lines of why we believe golf is essential/why should golf be allowed to continue? 

During these difficult times, mental health is a major concern. Many studies show that moderate physical activity is directly related to a reduction in anxiety and depression. Golf, similar to walking and hiking, is an activity that can provide individuals physical and mental health benefits. Golf is a unique activity which takes place on pieces of property which are typically more than 100 acres in size (feel free to use your own acreage number). Individuals do not share equipment and the game can be played while following the guidelines for social distancing as outlined by the State of Ohio and other governing bodies. Outdoor recreation is permitted under Section 5, Part C of the Stay at Home Order as long as social distancing requirements are met. As a facility, we have done ____________ to comply with all social distancing requirements. 

The next question that will be asked will likely be what they have done to comply with all social distancing requirements/what are they doing to protect employees and players. 

Courses are encouraged to have a list of all precautions taken to ensure the safety of their employees and player. Keep in mind, the state of Ohio lists the following as requirements for social distancing:

1. Maintaining six-feet between employees/individuals

2. Having hand sanitizer and sanitizing products readily available for employees and customers

3. Implementing separate hours for elderly and vulnerable customers

4. Posting online whether a facility is open and how best to reach the facility and continue services by phone or remotely (should apply to tee times and check-in process) 

Be prepared to show them what practices you have put in place. 

You may be asked to show the reporter what precautions you have put in place. Be ready to show them in person. Remember, if you are planning to take them on the course, continue to comply with all social distancing guidelines! Only one person per cart if you need to shuttle them around on the course. 

Do you feel safe? 

If you do not feel safe, you should ask your employer to remain home during these times. If you are at work, you likely feel safe being there. Be sure to remind the reporter of the various precautions you have implemented to protect yourself, your staff and your customers. 

Thanks again to Brian Laurent with the Ohio Superintendent Network for Developing  - PDF Version 
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