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Wednesday, April 1 - Morning Message
Hi Everyone,  

Sorry...this is not whole COVID-19 thing is no April's Fool Joke, but each day, is a day closer to moving through this....

I want to reminder you how important the optics of all this are and how quickly we could lose our ability to provide our golf courses as the Essential Outdoor Activity it is.

Please Take it Seriously...Everyone has a Camera

Here is an Example of it Going Wrong! 

Read the Complete Article
(Thanks B.S. for Sharing)

So...Lets Start Our Own PSA Campaign

Our Local Sports Reporters are needing things to report on, be proactive, bring them over, tell your positive story,  have them shoot a PSA, they almost all love golf, get in front of any bad press with good press.

Potential Phrasing

Hi Everyone or whatever their entry phrase is…

All of us are in this together to flatten the Curve of COVID-19.  As a golfer myself, I want to encourage every golfer out there to please follow all the requirements our golf courses have put in place for all safety, and I promise you! I will  practice great social distancing myself, so we don’t lose our Essential Outdoor Activity.  See you "from a bit of a distance" on the course!

And...We just don't need this from our Sports Reporters, we live in the time of social media, record your own, ask a celebrity you know and share, share, share...


Talked to your Banker/Accountant for SBA Assistance!

Thanks all I have for now...

More as it develops.  Be Well!

Steve Jurick, PGA     
Executive Director   
Voice 937-609-3387

An Important Heads Up...

Remember, that if one employee has symptoms or tests positive, ALL staff members that were around that individual during their shift would have to self quarantine for 14 days. Based on your staff level you may have to cease operations anyway.  

Thanks to Darren Butler, PGA / GM at Cossett Creek for Sharing...
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