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To All,

Miami Shores Golf Course will remain open unless mandated by government officials to cease operations.  Golf is in the unique position of being an outdoor activity that provides people the opportunity to exercise and enjoy themselves while practicing social distancing. With that being said, we are putting in measures to help ensure everyone’s safety while also abiding by federal and state guidelines and recommendations. Here is a list of those measures:


·         Check-in procedure:

o   Pro Shop doors will remain locked during business hours and opened from the inside by an employee

o   Only one customer will be permitted to check-in at a time

o   We ask that any customers waiting to check-in spread out and not congregate together

·         Golf Carts

o   Golf carts will be SINGLE person use only until further notice. This will limit the number of people who are able to ride/play given that we only have a fleet of 50 golf carts.

o   Golf carts will be sanitized with disinfectant before and after every use.

·         Tee Times will be spaced 10 minutes apart instead of 8 minutes to try to help ensure that the facility doesn’t run short on golf carts during busy times

·         On-course:

o   We ask that everyone leave the flagstick in for now to eliminate a common touch point

o   Ball washers and bunker rakes will be sanitized daily

o   The restroom on the back nine will remain locked until further notice

o   Water coolers will not be on the golf course until further notice.

·         Pro Shop and Restrooms

o   Common touch points in these areas will be sanitized on an hourly basis

o   Credit card terminals will be sanitized after every use

·         Food and Beverage

o   All food and beverage operations at our facility has ceased until further notice as of March 15th. This is to comply with State of Ohio Health Department regulations.


These procedural modifications are being put in place for the safety of everyone who frequents our facility and will be in place until national and state mandates and guidelines have been lifted. During this time, we hope everyone will continue to stay informed as information changes rapidly. And lastly, if you feel ill in any way, please follow national and state guidelines and STAY HOME. 

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