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Hole Safe  

The "Hole Safe" fits on top of the Cup Liner and provides a consistent method for the Golf Ball being holed.

One of the challenges for many of us is the subjective nature of a ball being holed into cups that have PVC, Pool Noodles or other devices to keep the ball from falling to the bottom of the hole as required due to current COVID-19 restrictions.

Working with the creative minds of Quest LaserCut and NCR CC.  They developed what we are calling “Hole Safe” which is essentially a very large washer milled of 304 stainless steel to fit precisely on top of the cup liner.  The Hole Safe will then provide a uniform depth based on the depth of the cup liner.   

No longer will a golf ball that should have been holed, hit the leading edge of a PVC pipe or a Swim Noodle and be deflected.

With these COVID-19 restrictions likely in place for the better part of the 2020 golf season, these precisely milled 304 stainless steel liners, given normal atmospheric conditions will last through the season and make it much easier on you and our golfers as the subjectivity of a ball being holed is removed.

These items will be sold in sets of 25 and cost $175 which will include shipping. Shipping should begin on Monday, May 11th.  Invoicing until our store is finalized will come from Miami Valley Golf with orders being paid for before shipping commences.

To Preorder, Please Fill out the Information Below and an Invoice will be sent to you from our Quickbooks Account.  


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