Miami Valley Golf

2015 Volunteer Assignments    
Sunday - April 5
9:15am to 2pm
Sunday - April 5
1:45pm to Completion of Play 
Monday - April 6
9:45am to Completion of Play 
Scoring Hole 1: Maigan LarsenScoring Hole 1: Jeff GilesScoring Hole 1: Joylynn Brown
Scoring Hole 5: Roger WilsonScoring Hole 5: Roger WilsonScoring Hole 5: Tony Petro
Score Hole 10: VictoriaScore Hole 10: Trevor DollScore Hole 10: Maigan Larsen
Score Hole 15: Brandon HaysScore Hole 15: Brandon HaysScore Hole 15: Mark Gazdik
Beverage Management: S JurickBeverage Management: Steve JurickBeverage Management: Kyle Oaks
Volunteer Support: Matt WendelkenVolunteer Support: Matt WendelkenVolunteer Support: Roger Wilson
Volunteer Notes
Please bring plenty of clothing as the weather this time of year can be unpredictable.  High Temperatures are predicted to be in the mid 60's with lows in the 40's, with a very low chance of rain either day.  There will be a golf car for you to drive out too the area of your assignment, so you will have something to sit in.  There will be a couple of minutes worth of data to input into a tablet every 10 to 15 minutes so you may want to bring items to occupy your down time.
Your role will be to place the individual hole scores from the players who come by your location into a Tablet that will be set up for your hole assignment.  The players will hand you their scorecards and you can copy them first and then hand them back to the players and then enter them on the tablet.   On Sunday & Monday Matt Wendelken will be your support person and his cell number is 330-618-3023.  Lunches will be brought around to you around the noon hour, however, you may want to bring some snacks and beverages with you.
 With a nice forecast predicted, it should be an enjoyable, low stress experience.  

Thank you for supporting the Wright State Golf Program!
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