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Mark Monforts Tips for Playing Tartan Fields  
#1 Favor R side of fairway.  Driver not necessary   
#2 Green slopes extreme from L to R and back to front.  Any spinning approach will likely not stay on green.  Good to have 130+ in  
#3 Leave 130-150 in for second shot.  If tee shot hit past that spot, 2nd shot is from downhill lie to green that is uphill. 
#4 Drive over L edge of bunkers.  Can cut corner for 2 shot hole 
#5 Second shot plays 1/2 club short and anything hit R of green usually feeds back to green  
#6 Long isn't that bad 
#7 If downwind favor R side of fairway.  Driver may not be needed.  HUGE green with a lot of back to front slope in back 1/3 of green  
#9 Stay R of bunkers off tee.  Green slopes severe front to back  
#10 250 yards off tee is plenty and be weary of sucker pin 
#11 If going for green in two, stay L. Anything hit left and short will trickle on green  
#12 Favor R side of fairway off tee as fairway slopes towards creek. 
#13 Driver hit left will be in trouble (fescue).  3 wood off tee is good play.  Relatively flat green = can be aggressive on approach 
#14 3 Shot hole.  Tee shot left of bunker, second shot aimed at farthest fairway bunker on R anywhere between 200 and 250 yards wil leave you 100-140 yards at top of hill.  Anything hit over L fairway bunker will end up on downslope inside 100 yards with creek short of green.  
#15 Great par 3  
#16 Great par 4.  Collection area L of green is no fun, and prevailing wind is in your face.  With green sloping back to front, take enough club to get to flag 
#17 Skinny green.   
#18  Driver down left side is better than flirting with R side.  Two tiered green (R high/L low) with hazard L of green. 
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