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This position needs a smile, a warm and friendly attitude to greet the people as they arrive.  You will be one of the first to arrive and once the event gets going one of the first to leave.  Traditionally, this person will direct people to facility services, scan the tickets using their mobile device for those who are spectators, hand volunteers their badges and help them on their way and generally try and be a resource for those that interact with you.  This is not a very physically demanding role.


The starter hands the on-course material to the competitors (Local Rules, Scorecard, Etc.) then goes over a list of items to ensure the competitors understand the key items and then loudly announces their names before each player tees off.  It is important to be on time and not to ever go earlier than the starting time.  While this is a very vital position, it is also one of the most enjoyable if you like to be around the excitement.  This position does require that you stand for a large portion of the starting wave that you are assigned, generally a two-hour block if using a front and back nine starts.


While those that do this for high level competitions have a high level of competency.  Generally, if you know the basic rules and can work a radio you can assist with our local events.  To officiate one of the largest responsibilities is that of an advocate for the players to resolve a situation they are in.   Each Official is assigned a Zone and are very important in helping the flow of the round.  This is not a physically demanding role.


Spotters position themselves just outside the traditional trouble areas on a golf course and help locate a player’s golf ball or indicate where a ball entered a penalty area or if it is out of bounds.  While good vision is important, it is sometime just as important to hear where the ball lands so you can identify the area from which to start the search.  This is not generally a very physically demanding role.

Scoring Table

If you are a numbers person, function best in a very precise manner and can enter numbers into a scoring computer this is a great role to volunteer for.  The position generally starts later in the day when the rounds begin completing and is not a physically demanding position.

Volunteers_NeededOn Course Scorer

Depending on the event and the number of Scorers who volunteer for the event.  You either walk with one group or are assigned to a scoring location on the course where you will collect the scores from the players as they leave the putting surface or come to the next tee.  After writing them on the clip board you then record them into your Mobile Device so the scores can then be viewed by all the interested parties.  And while it is important to record the scores correctly it is not an official score as players confirm their scores at the conclusion of their round.

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