2018 Volunteer Assignments 
USGA Women's Amateur Sectional Qualifier -  Thursday, July 12, 2018 - Walnut Grove Country Club                             
Sue Davis - 6:45am - 11:00am - Player & Volunteer Registration 
Mike Chapin  (R)- 7:15am-11:40am (Last Group) - Starter 
Terry Konicki (R) - :00am - 12:24pm (Last Group) - Timing Station #4 Tee
Butch Wiegand, David Meno & Bill Myers - 8:00am - 12:40pm (Last Group) - Forecaddie #4 
Don Kazyak & Dave Moxon8:00am - 12:54am (Last Group) - Scoring Station # 5 Tee - GGID
Chris Ochs, SonJessie Pollard8:30am - 1:10pm (Last Group) - Forecaddie #6 
Ann Rengert (R) - 9:00am - 1:40pm (Last Group) - Timing Station #9 Tee
Vern Whitt & Mike Magill9:15am - 2:11pm (Last Group) - Scoring Station # 10 Tee -  GGID  
John Keferl, Doug Macpherson & Stephen Carr9:15am - 2:20pm (Last Group) - Forecaddie #10 
Jack BoeckerChip Stork9:30am - 2:30pm  (Last Group) - Forecaddie #11 
Butch Kincer & Dan Wertz - 9:45am - 3pm (Last Group) - Forecaddie #13
Bryan Jackson (R) - 9:45am - 3pm (Last Group) - Timing Station #13 Tee
Brian Stephens & Linda Stephens10:00am - 3:10pm (Last Group) - Scoring Station #14 Tee -  GGID 
Gary Sutton, Will Lakoff & Cory Denny 10:30am - 3:45pm  (Last Group) - Forecaddie #16
Antonia Harter & Judy Meno 10:30am - 4pm  (Last Group) - Scoring Station #17 Tee - GGID 
Steve Clark & Dave Rodehaver11:00am - 4:15pm (Last Group) - Forecaddie #18
Cynthia Pratt & Stephanie Clark  (R) - 11:00am - 4:45pm (Last Group) - Score Table 
Carol Van Arsdall, Patty Sammons & Dee Wiegand11:00am - 5:00pm (Last Group) - Scorecard Posting
Jim Hewitt 8am - 1pm - Relief / Delivery / Restocking
Ken Herr - 1pm through any playoff  - Relief / Delivery / Restocking
Larry Litscher (R), Tom Pauling (R),Mike Thill (R), Peter McGeoch (R) Rules Officials 
(R) Radio Assigned - Also - Office, Golf Shop & Steve Jurick
Thank you very much for your volunteer contribution!  Your time and service make a difference!  Please confirm your availability for Thursday, July 12th at Walnut Grove Country Club below.  
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CLOTHING: If possible and as a way to identify oneself as a volunteer we would like you to wear a yellow shirt.  We will provide lunch and beverages throughout the day. 
MEALS: As a small token of our appreciation the Miami Valley Golf Association will provide your lunch. Bottled Water will be available throughout the course.
COMFORT: Please consider the weather foearecast and your assignment in your preparation for the day.
SCORING: If you are assigned a Scoring Station, please download the Tournament Management App which you will use to enter each groups scores as they come through your location.  Here is the link to either the iTunes or Play Store based on your smart phones operating system.  Additional Information and Training will be provided upon your arrival.  
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