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Volunteer Relief, Lunch Delivery, Water Cooler Stocking
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Volunteer Position Descriptions

Walking Scorer
Walk with the group assigned and independently record scores.  You get to watch some really great golf close up.
Meet and greet players, caddies, spectators, volunteers and answer questions they may have. 
Assist players in locating errant shots and marking point of entry into hazards.  Small flags will be provided. 
Timing Station 
Monitor time players complete a designated hole; determines if players are on time or late: advises tournament official if group is behind pace.  Charts and atomic clocks are provided.  
Score Table 
Accept scorecards from players as they complete their rounds.  Verify scores are legible, add scores, confirm front nine, back nine and total scores with the group.  Enters remaining scores and verifies previous scores into computer program from any on course scoring.  Send scorecards to the Scoreboard for posting.
Affix labels with correct score for each player.  Populate summary board with players names in low-score order.
Volunteer Relief / Lunch Delivery / Water Cooler Stocking
Provide relief for volunteers as needed: deliver lunches to volunteers on course; replenish on course water coolers with bottled water & ice and re-position as field clears.

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