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2017 Volunteer Proposed Assignments 
USGA Women's Amateur Sectional Qualifier -  Thursday.July 6, 2017 - Walnut Grove Country Club                             
VolunteerAssigned TimePosition 
Sue Davis* Judy Buehrle 6:45am - 12:30pm Player & Volunteer Registration 
Jim Brazen*7:00am - 10:00amCourse Review
Ross Krapfel* & Cynthia Pratt*7:15am-1:10pm (Last Group)Starter 
Terri Konicki*8:00am - 2:20pm (Last Group)Timing Station #4 Tee
Butch Weigand*& Bill Myers*8:00am - 2:20pm (Last Group)Forecaddie #4 
Ken Bish* & Dave Moxon*8:00am - 2:20am (Last Group)Scoring Station # 5 Tee - GGID ZHMRHA
Chris Ochs, Son & Barbie Lambe8:30am - 2:40pm (Last Group)Forecaddie #6 
Bev Cultice*9:00am - 3:15pm (Last Group)Timing Station #9 Tee
Tony Pascale* & Mike Magill*9:15am - 3:25pm (Last Group)Scoring Station # 10 Tee GGID XFZSAB
John Kefeal & Doug MacPherson*9:15am - 3:45pm (Last Group)Forecaddie #10 
Jack Boecker* & Joe Engelman*9:30am - 4pm  (Last Group)Forecaddie #11 
Butch Kincer & JIm Gehring
9:45am - 4:25pm (Last Group)Forecaddie #13 
Bryan Jackson9:45am - 4:25pm (Last Group)Timing Station #13 Tee
Emily Dell* & Antonia Harter*10:00am - 4:30pm (Last Group)Scoring Station #14 Tee GGID PSZUHA
Michael Galamb* & Will Lakoff10:30am - 4:30pm  (Last Group)Forecaddie #16
Tom Walz & Jessie Pollard10:30am - 5:15pm  (Last Group)Scoring Station #17 Tee - GGID AVNWGT
Chip Stork* & George Urban*11:00am - 5:40pm (Last Group)Forecaddie #18
Dee Weigand* & Doug Vise11:00am - 5:40pm (Last Group)Score Table 
Carol Van Arsdall* & Patty Sammons*11:00am - 5:40pm (Last Group)Scorecard Posting
Ken Herr* & Greg Haws*8am - 5pm (Last Group)Relief / Delivery / Restocking
Vern Whitt*, John Wood* TBD
Rob Aleksa*, Tom Pauling*, Mike Thill*, Peter McGeoch* Rules Officials 

Thank you very much for your contribution to all of ours game!  Your time and service make a difference!  Please confirm your availability Thursday, July 6th at Walnut Grove Country Club.  
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CLOTHING: If possible and as a way to identify oneself as a volunteer we would like you to wear a yellow shirt.  We will provide lunch and beverages throughout the day. 
MEALS: As a small token of our appreciation the Miami Valley Golf Association will provide your lunch. Bottled Water will be available throughout the course.
COMFORT: Please consider the weather forecast and your assignment in your preparation for the day.

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