The "Loving Cup" 
Met_Trophy_SmallFirst Presented in 1919, this Silver Loving Cup donated by the Daily and Sunday News was presented to Dayton County Club for Vin Hilton's first recorded Dayton Area Amateur Championship. Mr. Hilton then went on to win the 1920 & 1921 championship. We assume retiring the first trophy. In 1922, Howard Jordan won the championship and his name was engraved onto a new trophy that was also donated by the Daily and Sunday News. The second trophy was then award to Vin Hilton for his fourth win and Jack Parrott in 1924 before both trophies where lost for decades! 

During a renovation in the early 2000's at Dayton Country Club both trophies where found tarnished and dented.  They have been straightened and polished and a base added with all the amateur champions through the years. 

Past Champions
1919 Vin Hilton - Dayton CC1920 Vin Hilton - Miami Valley GC1921 Vin Hilton - MIami Valley GC
1922 Howard Jordan - Community GC1923 Vin Hilton - Dayton CC1924 Jack Parrott - Community GC
1925 Paul Morgan - MIami Valley GC1926 Jim Herr - MacGregor GC1927 Harry Lindsay - MacGregor GC
1928 Ralph Brown - MIami Valley GC1929 Bob Kepler - Meadowbrook CC1930 Bob Kepler - Dayton CC
1931 Bob Kepler - Moraine Park GC1932 Bob Kepler - MacGregor GC1933 Bob Servis - Miami Valley GC
1934 Lt. Ken Rogers - Fairmount CC1935 Bob Servis - Northmoor GC1936 Jim Flynn - Community CC
1937 Joe Higgins - Dayton CC1938 Joe Zotkiewicz - Miami Valley GC1939 Paul Genung - Walnut Grove CC
1940 Paul Genung - Madden GC1941 Lt. Ben Schriever - Northmoor GC1942 Joe Higgins - Dayton CC
1943-45 No Tournament 1946 Don Shock - Community GC1947 Don Shock - Walnut Grove CC
1948 Dick Tang - Miami Valley GC1949 Jack Zimmerman - Madden GC1950 Denny Walters - Moraine CC
1951 Jack Cleary - D.P. & L. GC1952 Andy Augaitis - Community GC1953 Pat Schwab - Dayton CC
1954 Jack Zimmerman - Meadowbrook CC1955 Bill Wheeler - Madden GC1956 John Blesi - Miami Valley GC
1957 Bobby Zimmerman - Walnut Grove CC1958 Jack Zimmerman - WPAFB GC1959 Gordon Waldespuhl - NCR CC (South)
1960 Dudley Kircher - Moraine CC1961 Jim MacFadyen - D. P. & L. GC1962 Nick Ungard - Community GC
1963 Carl Yung - Madden GC1964 Barry Baumgardner - Community GC1965 Danny Robison - Madden GC
1966 Dave Wilson - Kitthawk GC (Hawk)1967 Al Lewis - Community GC1968 Ted Ritter - Madden GC
1969 George Welsh - Kittyhawk GC (Eagle)1970 John Fisher - WPAFB GC1971 Bob Shawen - Community GC
1972 Dave Wilson - Madden GC1973 Walter Law - Kittyhawk GC (Hawk)1974 Jim Shively - Community GC
1975 Asey Jackson - Larch Tree GC1976 Dave Wilson - Madden GC1977 Jim Awsumb - Kittyhawk GC (Eagle)
1978 James "Skip" Snow - Community GC1979 Jim Neff - Madden GC1980 Mike Glendenning - Kittyhawk GC (Hawk)
1981 No Tournament1982 Mike Glendenning - Kittyhawk GC (Eagle)1983 Richard Haire - Madden GC
1984 Jim Neff - Community GC1985 Dave Eby - Kittyhawk GC 1986 Brian Hodgson - Community GC
1987 Richard Haire - Madden GC1988 Jim Shively - Kittyhawk GC1989 Mike Dempsey - Community GC
1990 Mike Dempsey - Madden GC1991 Don Block - Kittyhawk GC1992 Mike Suttman - Madden GC
1993 Carl Bidwell 1994 Bob Jones 1995 Bob Jones
Metropolitan Champions
1996 Greg Lawrence - Yankee, Cassel, Shaker1997 Matt Ehlinger - Yankee, Cassel, Shaker1998 Dale Shires - Twin Base GC & Dayton CC
1999 Bob Eardley - Northwood Hills CC2000 Mike Suttman - Wildwood GC2001 Mike Suttman - Walnut Grove CC
2002 Pete Samborsky - NCR CC (South)2003 Ron Eubel - Greene CC2004 Marty Miller - Browns Run CC
2005 Bob Jones - Cassel Hills GC2006 Pete Samborsky - Greene CC2007 Pete Samborsky - Troy CC
2008 Pete Samborsky - Piqua CC2009 Michael Bernard - Miami Valley GC2010 Jeff Scohy - Windy Knoll GC
2011 Pete Samborsky - Sycamore Creek CC2012 Ryan Reichley - Greene CC2013 Nick Scott - Miami Valley GC
2014 Zach Yinger - Piqua CC2015 Pete Betzold - Beavercreek CC2016 Josh Gilkison - CC of the North
2017 Josh Gilkison - Heatherwoode GC2018 Nick Paxson - Sugar Valley GC2019 Austin Schoonmaker - Dayton CC
2020 Austin Schoonmaker - Piqua CC2021 Bryce Haney - GC @ Yankee Trace2022  Mikkel Mathiesen - CC of the North