To develop additional community interest in our Metropolitan Championship.  Miami Valley Golf developed the Metropolitan Contest.   

Now in it's eighth year, t
he contest works by choosing one (1) player from each of the selection groups. (Developed after the Deadline, and those on waiting list are not included)  Divisions this year where determined by alphabetical order.

At the conclusion of the Metropolitan, each selected players finish positions was totaled.  And the person with the lowest collective finish chose the players of Peter Betzold,(18), Paul Day (13), Ryan Flick (38), Bryce Haney (2), Cameron Luczka (7), Nick Paxson (8), Jeff Scohy (3), Scott Thompson (9) and Caleb Westfall (6) for a total finish position of 104 out distancing the second place finisher, Paul Day by 21 finish positions.

The winner was Michael Schmitmeyer.  Michael will receive six (6) dozen personalized Pro-V1's (or any ball of his choosing).  

Contestants who DQ, Withdraw, No Card or No Show will be assigned the next finish number after the 36th or 72nd hole highest score is recorded depending if the competitor in question makes the cut or not.

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