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Player Eligibility
Each player representing a club must be a member of that club and be over the age of 21  
One golf staff member may represent a side in each match 
Team Make Up 
Four (4) Net Players and Four (4) Gross Players Per Match.  Matches are played in a Match Play Fourball Format (1 BB of 2).  One Net Match and One Gross Match is played at each club.
Match Fees
To avoid course fee charge backs and the hassle associated for accounting,  It is recommended that all Players from the Home Course pay a fee per match at their own club, obviously this amount is at the clubs discretion.  The main goal is to avoid club charge back fees to the visiting players from the other club, therefore, removing the burden of collection.
Annual Club Charge to Participate 
$300 Per Club and will be billed on April 1st.  
Funds will be used to pay for Annual Awards, Scheduling, Software and Review/Schedule Meetings.
Host Responsibilities
Work to Ensure Schedule is Met or Adjusted as needed 
Determine Tees for both Net and Gross Matches 
Develop Scorecards - ( For Net Matches with the Appropriate Handicap Adjustments)
Develop and Print Local Rules for Matches 
Post All Scores to the USGA Handicap System from rounds at your facility.  (Not as Tournament Scores) 
Association Responsibilities 
Develop Web Reporting Process 
Develop Website for Schedules, Results and Social Integration 
Develop Communication Schedule for Updates, Etc 
 Act as Arbitrator for any Disputes that May Develop
Maintain Support Structure 
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